Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The Aquaduct trade
The System

The System

Here are a few questions for you:

  • How do you best see the market structure?
  • Are there any things you can add to your charts/studies to help?
  • Are there any things you can take away from your charts/studies to help?
  • Are you willing to miss a few tics or a point to make a few points?


Some gurus think that you shouldn’t have any lines or moving averages on your charts. They don’t believe in math. Some don’t believe in intuition.


I believe in all of those things.


Premarket “”57 assumed  support today. Don’t over trade this morning.  65.5 as resistance. Buy lows sell highs. 59.25 is aggressive support. Most traders biased long or short; so let’s think sideways this morning.”

Lunch: “Don’t over trade. 62 is support, still range. One side is going to blink this afternoon”

Afternoon : “63.5 support, target 67 to 68+, Off by 70 advised. 72 as resistance target.”


Two distinct patterns observed today that helped us. One was a broadening megaphone on the 60. The other was a flat top wedge that suggested upside breakout.

If your methodology allows you to see the market moves like that, you don’t need any guru to tell you what the market is doing. Just keep doing what you are doing.


Manipulated moves? Probably. Can we make money from them? You bet.


Best wishes to Eminplayer in his new venture. We enjoyed your visit to our room today.

We have had four new members join in the last few days. They understand that time is running out (April15) for the promotional pricing for Eminiwizard. After that prices will be going up and there will be a monthly fee beyond 30 day support to teach the system.

Members enrolled prior to that will be grandfathered in.


For the record, I recently appreciate Carl Futia’s market interpretations. No-nonsense, simple and understandable analysis.


For Momma. She said I think heartache is coming for those continuing to short this.

Gotta love the Boyz and their transparent games.

Members, check the “aquaduct system trade” for today’s pattern recognition.

As we said yesterday, we are students of architecture and geometry.


“When the perma bears finally get long, let me know, so we can get short.”

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