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The Impossible Dream

Art of Trading

Dreaming the impossible?


“Today’s trading will be challenging whether long or short; I will try only several times for the short side and not over stay it. 18 to 19 should be resistance before the 21.5 T1 target, 10.25 is the high odds half gap trade, be off by 10.”


Our system correctly identified support and resistance.

That is an impossible dream, I know.


One of our newer traders asked “Is it possible for retail traders to read the tape?”


No, impossible. No way to sense where high odds reversals HAVE THE POSSIBILITY of turning.


@eminiwizard E,good morn is the 1117 onh the demon,is that the short arear

@tradetime99 our system said yes “first time” and target 12.5 before the open

stubborn early shorts who fought this needed to be squeezed … we had 18 to 19 as key area before the 21.5 T1 scalp day

@misstrademember symmetry at 19 so we liked that resistance first for profit taking

RT @JT707: NEW YORK LUNCH TREE SHAKING HOUR / hungry here nice call

half gap at 10 take it and run

u wouldn’t be over trading op x, would u?


Confusing? It’s meant to be.

Suck in the early shorts. Then the late longs. Then the late shorts.

Substitute a few words…like markets, contracts, etc.

Dreaming about trading profits, the impossible, is one way to do it.

Another way is to study, experience, get beat up, pick yourself up, and continue.

Manage your trades, lead your emotions, don’t follow them.

Never give up, but accept stops outs and live to fight another day.


Back at you Roy, For Dreamers everywhere….

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