Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The Journey

Gordian Knot

Believe in magic.

I am a collector of memories.


@ES_Trader: #FF Special Trader Shoutout 2 @eminiwizard who displays uncanny ability to tell U the next Support / Res / thank u :)


Options expiration is seldom predictable, and this one certainly followed that trend.

Some are quiet and choppy, others determined to get to a destination.

Yesterday was as focused with laser-like intensity as I can remember.


What style of trader are you? How do you make sense of the market?

Do you have anyone you enjoy being with to compare ideas,  to share the Journey?


Kevin reminded me that about one year ago, I opened the doors of my world to traders who wanted to get a look at the things that I believe are important to understanding market structure.

Some have gone by the wayside, some have remained.

This business is tough on all of us, and the sooner we understand there is no “Holy Grail”, the sooner we can make progress.

Keys, yes. Absolute guarantees, no.


A few of our traders continue to develop their own interpretation of my charts and information. I told every member that they need to “see” the market in the way that makes the most sense for them; we are all unique. Use my ideas to strengthen their understanding and add it to what they are using, like market profile perhaps.

Above all else, Keep it simple, so that we can “react” to the market rather than tell it where to go.


If a journey starts with a single step, then yesterday’s first step was to go from 1093.75 to 94.75 and back again.

Pre market, when price decided to migrate back to the gap at 90.25, it started a march that was relentless in pursuing it’s goal.


I left early to join my wife for the day.

Close your eyes and join me for a few moments won’t you?


Two weeks and 42 years ago, the Gideon Knot was tied, strong and unbreakable.

As we drove through Sheffield Flats, we saw The Pine Tree Cabin; the place of our reception has been utterly destroyed by time.

Forty years ago, Ruth Ellen was going through a labor of love, and who knew what that would lead to?

Destiny. Approach it with faith.


It was twilight last night as we left the Berkshires. We saw deer grazing by the cornfields, Hawks flying overhead, a Blue Heron fishing in the Housy. We watched a spectacular sunset unfold.

It was good to get away from the computers and enjoy the real world… it was good for my soul.

Matt Davio is hosting a workshop that I had hoped to attend this week end.


Celebrating Jennifer’s 40th birthday, and Lizzie’s 25th seemed a higher priority.


Best friends from Texas joined us this week for dinner, relatives are coming to visit.

I continue to enjoy the blessings as they are given.


Time waits for no man, so taking one step at a time. Friends, family, extended family.


RT @westlead: Enjoy the world around you along with the one you shape for yourself. / that’s a power thought worth remembering :) ty

RT @Jediphone: @eminiwizard Here’s one of the loveliest tunes that no one has ever heard: / Enjoy and goodnight.


roll the dice…

…some will win, and some will lose…

don’t! ┬ástop…

stop believin’…


  • Jedi (Author) said:

    A lady once came into my office for an unscheduled visit. She was known to me as a very poor soul, barely existing on food stamps and Medicaid. Before I could even get out a greeting, she said in a loud voice “I see now that you are a RICH man!”. I was surprised, stunned even, since my office is anything but ostentatious. But then I looked at her eyes, and they were riveted to one thing on my desk: the picture of my children. “Oh, you mean my kids?” “Yes,” she said “you are a rich man because you have such lovely children.”

    You made the right choice, as usual, E. I did, also, when I joined your team. Thanks again for your insights.

  • eminiwizard (Author) said:

    Jedi… Great story. Will post a few pics when i get a chance. Love the memories we made this weekend… priceless. Four generations present at Jennifer’s 40th . I gave swim lessons to the 1 year old and the 3.5 yr old… Just one of those perfect summer days that you wished could last forever…

    I was the last one out of the pool…as usual the biggest kid gets out last.

    Thanks for your compliments, much appreciated.


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