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Time on Task
Risk and Reward

Risk and Reward

Make many mistakes.

If you want to be a better trader, just make sure they are small, and learn from every one of them.


I was the biggest kid in the class.

As a teacher and coach, I learned very early on in my career that common sense was my best friend when it came to improving the quality of my teaching.

Yes, the training I received during my college years was important; but it seemed as if to move beyond traditional constraints required expanding the boundaries of the tried and true.

“Time on task” was my watchword.

How could I cram more actual practice time into every class?


I am fascinated by The Talent Code , and I believe it to be a profound work that sheds light on the learning process. Thanks to the teamwork of our members, JK and others suggested this to be  a great read, and I agree.


One solution I came up with, and admittedly it was an affluent school district, was to go one on one.

One soccer or basketball per child, one jump rope, one space on the mat for exercise.

Lines and waiting for your turn slowed down the whole process.


The exception was for safety;  if a spotter was needed in gymnastics, or we were in the pool, that concern over rode all else.


Small groups were organized for games. Flag football as an example; instead of two teams of 12 or so in one game, we had six teams of four. We played King court in basketball or paddle ball, and players rotated around until they “found” players of their relative ability by working their way up and down the ladder of success.

Every child was moving, a constant flow of practice, making mistakes, and developing skills.


As we continue to develop the Eminiwizard Learning center, we will discover new ways to apply the various ideas that we gather from the best, the brightest, the most successful traders we observe.


The discipline of writing these blogs daily is the Myelin Street for my ability to dramatically better read the market.

Our next internal webinars will focus on specific areas like Timing, Money Management, and Emotional Control. Our system is not just about telling our members that the light is now green and they can walk.

It’s about showing them how to find those traffic lights themselves, according to the unique perspective that each trader is using to view the market.

Dealing with traders who run the red lights is also part of the game.


The countdown continues. The value to join our team will never be better.


Half gap trade and gap trade was the preferred play at the opening, and then the profit taking bounce to retest the overnight high.

We were not looking for a big rally today’ we thought perhaps chop as we approached the 82 to 85 zone.

The 86.34 target is easily within reach, but sometimes the market stalls as the risk/ reward changes.

Light volume today and awkward trading for those who wanted the gap fill or the breakout.

A real teaser for over-traders.

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