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Chart Patterns

Mystic , merry toyland.

Once you pass it borders, you can never return again.

Toyland, Toyland,
Little girl and boy land,
While you dwell within it,
You are ever happy then.

Childhood’s joyland,
Mystic, merry Toyland!
Once you pass its borders,
You can ne’er return again


What else, but theta burn again?

A slight twist, and intuition helped.

Two key ideas.

First, Half gap trade. Then intuition kicks in. I don’t trust this. they are going to squeeze this into the news. Be careful shorts.

[09:27] GT 22: Poss arch forming?
[09:27] Kevin i001962: rth looks like it
[09:28] Kevin i001962: hurry up and wait for fed?
[09:28]  E: yes i think so
[09:28]  E: that meg is poss too
[09:29]  E: tried to put the yellow box for now as the range from ovn
[09:29]  E: a and d
[09:31]  E: 36.75 is half gap
[09:31]  E: today is take what they give u day
[09:32]  E: and cannot be greedy


[09:46]  E: gap has not closed yet
[09:46]  E: and seems that it is being stubborn
[09:48]  E: so take something here
[09:48]  E: for sure if more than one at 36.5
[09:49]  E: then the gap +
[09:49]  E: if u took the short
[09:55] TC 89: get microscope
[09:55] GT 22: News in 5
[09:56] GT 22: NP
[10:01]  E: playing around with the shorts right now
[10:02]  E: 36.25 hit
[10:02]  E: gap open
[10:02]  E: so shorts expect a little test of the 39+
[10:02]  E: boyz like to trap both sides
[10:03]  E: and feels like they just teasing  shorts


[14:14]  E: the squeeze into reports is normal
[14:14]  E: and look how the 36 trap worked
[14:14]  E: since the first few mins
[14:14]  E: of rth
[14:14]  E: manipulation


Second, the Megaphone pattern is a key idea:

[13:50]  E: yest hi resist til broken
[13:51]  E: dont play before news if undisciplined
[13:53] nirav 777: discpline is like a fine women… need to work hard at keeping her…
[13:53] nirav 777: yes
[13:53] nirav 777: when it boring you get these lame comments from me..
[13:54]  E: lol
[13:54]  E: this is strictly a timing idea
[13:55]  E: before news
[13:55]  E: traders taking profits
[13:55]  E: [13:50]  E: yest hi resist til broken
[13:55]  E: [13:51]  E: dont play before news if undisciplined
[13:56]  E: means u are not looking for anything more than potential $ taking
[13:56]  E: not a home run
[13:56]  E: push has been up
[13:56]  E: so normally a contra
[13:57]  E: has been none…
[13:57]  E: so theoretically pb
[13:57]  E: and if u are conservative
[13:57]  E: dont play it

14:21]  E: still 37.5 38 key
[14:23]  E: this shows the idea of the support
[14:23]  E: the range
[14:23]  E: the potental profit taking area
[14:23]  E: if cannot hold it
[14:24]  E: then assume goes to next level

[14:43] nirav 777: come to pappa…
[14:44] nirav 777: who’s you daddy now es…
[14:44] nirav 777: BHAMM!!!
[14:45] nirav 777: yyyyyyyyyeeeha
[14:45] nirav 777: low tick
[14:45] TC 89: good trading guys
[14:45] cromag 999: :)
[14:46] nirav 777: cro – you get that?
[14:46] nirav 777: nice bud!!

[14:47] GT 22: Nice call E

[15:01]  E: over and over
[15:01]  E: JOD
[15:01]  E: =?
[15:02]  E: jaws of death
[15:02]  E: no volume on the push
[15:02] TC 89: jump over dog!
[15:02]  E: = bogus
[15:02]  E: lol

[15:13]  E: dt
[15:13]  E: comes first
[15:13]  E: expect it to hold
[15:15]  E: [13:50]  E: yest hi resist til broken
[15:17] TC 89: giddiup!
[15:20] nirav 777: i might become a bull at 27
[15:20] nirav 777: IB low breakage
[15:22] TC 89: :)
[15:23] TC 89: 1/2 out
[15:24] TC 89: we’ve broken both rainlines
[15:25] TC 89: and flat
[15:25] GT 22: And make fun of Nirav when he isn’t hear
[15:25]  E: xxxx>>>>>34
[15:25] GT 22: Double arches TC?
[15:25] nirav 777: euro good night
[15:25] TC 89: don’t be a dick for the last tic
[15:25] nirav 777: lod
[15:26] cromag 999: tc lol
[15:26] nirav 777: you might get your peter in a zipper
[15:27] TC 89: hitting mega

Megaphone pattern I saw and focused on its dynamics.  Just intuition, and hard to get that from a book.

[15:41] westlead : I want to quit my job to hang out with you guys all day


[16:41] j rob6519: enjoy it all..firstplace i have felt that i am truly being “educated”…thanks!
[16:41]  E: u welcome


good morning … chart in play

@eminiwizard: this accident report gave me insight into my challenges as a trader

@50Pips @Marketrend :) I hope u guys make some time to relax these next few weeks .. seems like taking a break is the hardest thing to do

@50Pip: @eminiwizard lol indeed tricky when you are doing what you love, but batteries need to be recharged 😉

@yeeron @SE1_CM @50Pips thank u :) so many lessons that need to be learned…

@yeeron: @eminiwizard YW sir, indeed, must learn / re-reinforce existing lessons constantly in this business. Have a great day!

RT @pocwave: @eminiwizard The Monday morning memo from the Wizard is one of the highlights of my week. / ty for rt too

RT @Marketrend: Morning Sir. Trading isn`t an obligation It is a pleasure. / so is sex… but don’t u take time off for good behavior ?

Marketrend : @eminiwizard father and husband and 24/12 Santa Claus. What I need more. LOLO

SPMorningtrade: RT @eminiwizard: Tradings a pleasure. / so is sex… but u take time off for good behavior ?/ ROFLMAO, I have no idea how to respond to that   (Humor helps relax me… lol)

RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard morning,where is angel & demon,please / todays is 38.75 and 34.25 ; yesterday at 40.75 and 33.25

RT @matrudenko: @eminiwizard 1238.75 Nice Demon call!! Off by a tick I’ll take all day long! / thank u flat for news

angels and demons are area to do business until broken; not absolutes

@31WCapital thank u for rt if the high of the demon or the low of the angel gets broken, then need to start it over with new a or d

[10:03] E: and feels like they just teasing shorts [10:02] E: so shorts expect a little test of the 39+

Marketrend:  @MissTrade @eminiwizard @tweeterTrades @yeeron #study Weekly Chart #mkt #analysis

@Marketrend lol :)

RT @misstrademember: we top ticked it on our small 1x trade there some got it, and some didn’t. I can’t help that folks just is / nice

E: [13:50] E: yest hi resist til broken … play the edges…better odds

say yee haa at gap fill and potential bottom of the meg pattern 34.5

say yeeehaa 34.5 target hit trailer is all

any low but 33 is the primary (note the 33.25 angel from post to tradertime)

retest longs out by 36 37 eod



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