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Beautiful symmetry… This is the pre market gap play, 10.5 Demon is amazing…target 7.5… careful…trying for the 04.75 if we get lucky…

Yeehaa… 02.75 testing but the 98 is support.. so don’t get carried away… and timing is for the bounce now to test 07.5 again… Respect 1202… it is likely the aggressive traders bounce area since timing suggests profit taking.

Let’s use 10.5 Demon again as the resistance for the half gap…probably range trade this first hour.

…Market rarely does the same thing two days in a row.

TC: This reminds me of the first few days of September

E: Yes!

Uh-oh… scratch that idea. I am wrong.

10 support on a breakout above globex  high.

I think they are going to try to jam the shorts. Target is 14 area (Gap), then 16.65… Try 18 as resistance this first hour. It still is the first of the month, and we have had a daily and weekly breakout.

Legitimate target at 21.5 today… but I think that is for afternoon. 23.5 is by another method, but doubt we see that today.

They trapped the early longs, then got the late shorts…

Don’t ruin a good day… if you already have your chips…relax. Market not going anywhere at lunch. Scalp short, but the 2 to 3 point type if we are lucky, test the 16.5 IB.

Scalping only either direction… we have come so far so fast.

Death by 1,000 cuts.

Primary trade was the best one… and our framing is correct.

This page was created to help us all remember this business is never about any one trade, unless we make it that way.


From a new member:

[15:30] j xx: thanks all..glad i found this place!

We also had another guest sign up for membership today, welcome HB.


From an experienced member

[15:44]  E: who wouldnt want to cover 50 pts b4 non farm payrolls?

[15:44] TC 89: they haven’t been taking profits into econ news

[15:44]  E: somebody knows something

Every Room need a dissenter/blocker. It helps put facts on the table… but we still need to make our own decisions.


nocturnal and nasty

RT @50Pips: cable so technical today, i have tears of joy in my eyes 😉 / lol :)

@50Pips rofl

@50Pips no police on the internet…or else tues night Boyz would have been pulled over for speeding :)


@TraderMD @Inside_Bar thank u for rt

RT @Inside_Bar: retest // look at the yellow box 10.5 demon

[08:47] E: market loves to get the lates ( hope u weren’t looking up) targets were 7.25 5.5 any low to test globex low

RT @yeeron: Wild moves. / very mechanical

@CGinthehouse @yeeron @Inside_Bar thanks all for rt

[09:18] E: trapped early longs [09:18] E: trapped late shorts

RT @50Pips: @eminiwizard as we said the other day, no place for stubborn shorts, just can’t stop the chooo choooo train 😉 / agree

@50Pips the trap shorts part at 02 helped the squeeze … 16.75 is T1 today and I thought range b4 the bo

RT @50Pips: @eminiwizard exactly, sitting ducks… /had resist at 10.5 then said scratch this they jam for the 14.5 gap and likely the 16

RT @50Pips: @eminiwizard agree yesterday we said look to take out the 16s / that was our primary target … got there faster than i thought

and the higher high to 21 not out of the question today ….

thinking marginal high using 18 as resistance

@50Pips we had support right but i left a lot on the table…. easier just to ride the beginning of month elevator

RT @kevintrades: ib high 16.5 will seem huge lol //what do you mean mr wizard?? / i meant if the short side gets to 16.5 from the high

@kevintrades because hard against the trend til psychology breaks and momo reverses

squeezing low volume … trap and squeeze machine at work 19.5 today r1 and using it for now as lunch resist hard today short side

need to catcha few late longs

lunch scalping small range so cannot expect plunge

For those with discipline issues ….

@vkligys @afbkwt thank u for rt :)

RT @eminiwizard: and the higher high to 21 not out of the question today …. / 21.5 was the actual target :) not easy

today is any day high day … we have come a long way fast… shorts will get their day… but not yet

RT @vader7x: big trend day.. 2 in a row. usually happens in 3s / TC in our room said reminds him of first of September

@kiwitrader24 thanks for your rt :)

RT @TraderSmarts: Another incredible day. Hope everyone traded smart and traded well! / wtg

@TraderSmarts @DiogoMattoso ty for posting that video … seen it before… and just added it to “STOP” page … gut wrenching



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