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Who Knew Uncle Charlie had a twin Brother?

Money Management


Charlie has a twin brother, and he was the ace reliever for the Longs.

Damn Yankees.

We do need a sense of humor, don’t we?


The 72 was destined.

Absolutely nailed the 71 low and a few of the early swings.

77 resistance half gap trade done, back for the 75 test… and then the goose to fill the gap..breaking the MATD premise.

73 support now, any day hi possible… target is immediately the 79.75, and once that breaks its all over for the shorts.

Toast. History. Spineless. Wimps.


LOL I told you we needed a sense of humor, didn’t I?

We need the assistance of the big Boyz, right?

You and I don’t control the market , do we? If The Bear side doesn’t hit ’em back, we are fodder in the low volume squeeze.


I suggested to the members that today was likely to be challenging.

“”They can easily hit 82 or 83 today, but I am not counting on it.”

“If they get it back to the 79 resistance, you probably don’t want it. Why? MOMO. Trapped shorts who get queezed.

The David’s slingshot trade, and the Mirror Trade right out of the criminal handbook.


The rules, reasons, concepts were identified for our members, and it was bittersweet to see the concept play out and validate the analysis, with me just watching the second half of the game playing out while I was warming the bench.

Leaving the party early is no fun, but part of the game.

If we try a contra, we need to make sure we don’t get emotional and try to force trades that keep aborting. Being stubborn is an expensive exercise in being macho. Pick one good area for the late contra, and don’t expect a plunge; just a few points – two to three max is likely.

Just too much baggage with the trapped shorts who never read about the bucket shops.


Watch the following short video for a few clues… see if you can spot the 77 to 79 flip.

I know, mixing my metaphors, but quick and easy.


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