Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

1300 Spartans

Risk and Reward

In case you haven’t noticed, we seem to be fighting over 1300 right now.

Lackluster volume, same old trap and squeeze.


Day traders don’t care which way it is moving…as long as it “is”.


The mechanical moves suggest trying to play hit and run, and not force anything.

We had 06 to 08 as resistance zone today… and anything beyond that was fair game. Sluggish behavior here… so playing each day one at a time. The first of month new money produced a 46 point week that closed at the high…but less than 10 points higher than last week’s high.

Not exactly inspiring, other than the impressive jump the creek Island Gap that the financial manipulators have engineered.

When the music stops and the charade ends (it will), make sure you have a seat.


Until then, one day at a time, finding support and trading it both ways.

Spartan trading… no big bets and very choosy about entries and exits.


@AbsolutionCL @50Pips @celtic_mist thanks all I appreciate the #FF … sorry So cold here my charts are frozen..not moving at all

view from the igloo

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@50Pips lol i found a way… it’s called trip to fla soon :)

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gap is 3.25 so capture something by that

[08:03] E: completion targs at 08 ( Just react at the levels :) grab something and go make snowman)

E: [08:33] E: 98 key support [08:47] E: any time u can grab fast money take it and run [09:25] E: i am not thinking plunge

[09:03] E: old high 1306 [09:59] E: i will try scalps short side [10:56] E: 1298 hit [10:56] E: capture

[11:12] E: ok sticking with plan [11:12] E: 98 support til broken

[11:16] E: i think primary is done [11:16] E: any shorts strictly scalp now

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rofl just seeing these posts :)

West : @Nirav777 Great work this week, bro. Impressive insight.

previous high was 06 … seems like it has become a decision area …

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RT @MissTrade: Last week we closed on lows, this week 46 pts and new highs! I understand Nothing! / LOL … we knew that

@MissTrade just kidding.. have a nice weekend … market very mechanical moves lately.. trap and squeeze

RT @eminiwizard: so u are trading sunday night… no foosball? <gotta a license from wife to trade the Open +1 hour LOL-have a nice one E!

@RenaTrader lol she’s a keeper ! :) be well Renato


visual support today

@eminiwizard less is more when we flip upside down. Not trading is an option or keep plugging your nose and buying pomo

@MissTrade agreed … just like golf ! great weekend 2 u matt

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