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A Game of Inches

Chart Patterns

Like Baseball, this is a game of inches, isn’t it?


The inchworm tried climbing up the tree, only to find it shaken, not stirred.

The Bulls had an early lead, and squandered it.  We were in the bearish camp, hoping for the high odds half gap and gap play.

We chose several resistance levels, and our more aggressive traders used 28 resistance. That was the only resistance needed for the dominoes to fall.

Step by step, targets were hit, more were identified, and trend day was established.

We broke with tradition in the afternoon, thinking that most gurus would say the trend is your friend.

Several things made us wary of trying to capture more, and we suggested better odds long side.

We liked exit by 12 to 14, with 15 to 16 as resistance for the late day play EOD.

Remember, retests are important.

Two new members joined us, and for inchworms, we covered a lot of ground.

See if you can find them here in our room…


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