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After Shock

Stop Losses

Skits o phrenic back. Market really is manic depressive, isn’t it?

The Tsunami that hit Japan was devastating and one of those “exogenous” events that cannot be factored into our trading day. Would it affect it? How so?

All we can do is say a prayer for those in it’s wake, and hope that casualties are minimal.


Hurricane Jen hit here this week, with George and the twins. We will got a brief respite from their “serenade” while they visit with others…Having lots of fun, spoiling George rotten.


Today’s frenetic play today was accentuated for me with a few other variables. My computer acted strange; despite being at my desk by 6:15, I had a glitch with Tradestation and the program dumped a few of my work spaces. Did I back it up last night? Noooooo… and some important work for Rollover had to be re-created.

A new trader joined our ranks, got him access, and another Twitter friend dropped in to visit. Phone kept ringing too…calls just went unanswered til later.

I had coffee and a bagel at my desk around 10:45…lol.. don’t mind munching for lunch but having breakfast there was a first.


If you got fooled today, join the club. We thought bounce and squeeze, but didn’t believe it would run that far.

The obvious play was the half gap and gap, and we had 82 support for that trade. We thought breakout would take out the early shorts, then fade at lunch and perhaps reverse or range. the late day breakout was made possible by squeezing trapped shorts who averaged in.

[08:02]  E: we had the 78 as target right?
[08:03]  E: so be careful over thinking short side
[08:03]  E: tsunami is wild card
[08:04]  E: yesterday’s review for retests
[08:04]  E: that was the xxx
[08:04]  E: then we used it again for this 78
[08:04]  E: so… target achieved, symmetry from 1300 achieved
[08:05]  E: try 1302 as resist
[08:05]  E: then xx
[08:06]  E: 456 bouncing poss
[08:06]  E: i would b careful thinking plunge

[09:15]  E: short side
[09:15]  E: hit bounces
[09:15]  E: if we get stopped out
[09:15]  E: so be it
[09:16]  E: be very careful about “averaging in”
[09:16]  E: accept stop out
[09:16]  E: play again at different level

[09:28]  E: careful of slingshot trade
[11:00]  E: blue flattening out
[11:00]  E: stay aware shorts
12:32]  E: scalping ok and presumed
[12:32]  E: but… expect that directional push is agaisnt that new low
[12:32]  E: squeeze trade
[12:51]  XXX : you sound so bullish
[12:51]  ZXX: is this really E
[12:51] YYY: lol
[12:51] YYY: yes he does

[13:49] TC : your charts have improved over the past 12 months…more user friendly!:)

[13:55] VK: E is a real trooper. On vaca and still putting in the hours. “Cudo’s”

[13:56] TC : i don’t think E has taken a vacation day in the 12 months I’ve been here

( I still need one…)

I had a strange feeling that the short side would be tough today. How tough, I had no idea, so I pulled out the criminal handbook.

Maven wanted 1300; I saw that possibility, but said profits may be garnered by the longs at lunch; so figure the 96 97 area as reasonable for the noon swoon.

1305 I figued as a remote but inconceivable target; and 1302 was chosen as resistance late day based on normal fluid dynamics of breakouts and momentum (T1 was 1301.75).

I warned shorts be careful…some even accused me of being downright bullish. Lol. The slingshot trade was identified, and we could see the FIBWS (Frog in boiling water syndrome).

“The play often runs further than the Bears expect, and not as far as the Bulls want.”


Take one or two shots at it…don’t throw away all our hard earned money for the week…that’s what the Boyz want.

Did you feel the invisible hand pushing against the pullback at lunch to retest the breakout?

Intuition spoke to me. I remarked to the members that you could feel the PPT trying to hold it there, despite the idea that we were rising on diminishing volume.

Today’s sucker low was to trap all over anxious shorts who thought we would crash; my role in the room today was to be the voice of reason and remind traders to focus on the charts.

Take reasonable risk, accept stop outs, dont carry the baggage of averaging in.


As a trader, when a tsunami wave is in motion, we are faced with a dilemma. The bounce was to be expected… and if it does, the real challenge is to guess “how high”.

“No short is safe”, leave it be was my suggestion to the late day trade.


@faaaal @50Pips @AsTrading @CGinthehouse thanks all for the #FF #EMWS

@unpektablegm and thanks Pek …much appreciated #EMWS

RT @JayMaven: Buy side safer side of the two way exchange #EMWS/ yes for the open… demon at 93 key still 78 matd targ hit ovn

there was a gap at 82.75 march basis …filled ovn still in play #EMWS

@SE1_CM @FXDIRK @Rrudram @RenaTrader thanks all for #FF #EMWS

[08:02] E: we had the 78 as target right? [08:03] E: so be careful over thinking short side … target achieved, symmetry #EMWS

[09:15] E: short side [09:15] E: hit bounces [10:18] E: hit and run [10:18] E: only way to play right now #EMWS

[08:07] Zeek: I think they squeeze shorts first and then… [08:07] Zeek: this going to be a tough day if you have no patience #EMWS

@JayMaven framing yest low +/- #EMWS all we can do 4 now be aware too many thinking plunge

sidekicker @eminiwizard ES might want 1300s // BTFD what earthquake

@JayMaven same here we thought jam shorts more likely … 82 support for now #EMWSty Maven

@JayMaven great insight maven #EMWS

Thanks so much, Coach! RT @eminiwizard: RT @JayMaven: ES might want 1300s today EMWS# / fantastic call Maven wtg #EMWS

[08:44] E: be wary of traps shorts [09:28] E: careful of slingshot trade [09:43] E: i like 96 better as resist #EMWS

@JayMaven @eminiwizard Well first full day here, whatya think?

Dave @eminiwizard So much for the trending day joke LOL #EMWS

i would be cautious shorts … 96 97 poss

96 area may get busted too … be cautious today boyZ digging out from oversold #EMWS

scalping only ss if u play for now and boyz doing what we expected trap and squeeze first #EMWS

problem today for ss was the target 78 had already been hit overnight

RT @JayMaven: ES might want 1300s today EMWS# / fantastic call Maven wtg

is it safe to come out yet…? #EMWS lol geez the Boyz had fun today

we thought once lunch pullback retested the 93 that acted like “invisible hand” pushing it up … warned shorts better be careful #EMWS

@JayMaven alley oop we had 02 as resistance but any high since momo… like runner going to 1st #EMWS

@JayMaven and MWS at 30/60 resistance I said could try but tough against the machine ,,, maybe get 99 if lucky #EMWS

DJ @eminiwizard stan moore would be proud of the BOYZ finished out the week. closed out the longs and shorts….

@darjohn25 YES ! we talked about that … working on adding that to our program… We knew long side was right … but how far? #EMWS

DJ @eminiwizard Unfortunately E,the BOYZ have me perplexed as to how far up,I wouldn’t be shocked if we closed next week out in the 40’s though

Once IB high broke, shorts no longer had edge hit /run volume lacking on this push T1 was 1301.75 so cautioned longs there #EMWS

@yeeron thanks for joining us today :)

@eminiwizard Thank you for having me E, you are a great host. Enjoy the weekend sir.

trend days we try not to fight … afternoon ramp was the icing for the Boyz… #EMWS

@darjohn25 fibos normal targ 95/05 once momo starts just guessing ..afternoon push that kept the 93 intact was key #EMWS

chart in play  and this  #EMWS

@FibinIt @JayMaven @CGinthehouse @AsTrading @50Pips @faaaal @unpektable @SE1_CM @FXDIRK @Rrudram @RenaTrader @smilinghiker thanks for #FF

@yeeron @Jediphone @celtic_mist @Risk_Manager_NY @darjohn25 thanks all for comments and posts #EMWS

@CGinthehouse @JayMaven team E thanks for setting this up, much appreciated #EMWS

[12:31] E: my suggestion read criminal handbook when target hit already >> [08:02] E: #EMWS

@smilinghiker just favorited your tweet: chart in play and this #EMWS

@smilinghiker thanks Hiker now time to go play and have fun… nice weekend to all :) #EMWS

YooDman @eminiwizard simply amazing isn’t it $ES_F

Bama : Great follows for a tough #mkt #FF @Renatrader @TraderCRM @Tradersmarts @Eminiwizard @eminiplayer @MissTrade @AbsolutionCL $ES_F

@Jediphone just favorited your tweet: @darjohn25 YES ! we talked about that … working on adding that to our program… We knew long side was right … but how far

@Jediphone just favorited your tweet: problem today for ss was the target 78 had already been hit overnight

@Jediphone just favorited your tweet: chart in play and this #EMWS

rossjakikfx : #FF @ancient_warrior @alcandofx @robbiebooker @sansicarioalto @tradethecycles @yeeron @vineet2win @eminiwizard @piptee @FXstorm @50pips

@YooDman @BamaTrader @RossJaklikFX thanks guys for the #FF and comments … very much appreciated

@Jediphone U are too kind, thanks for all the RT :) relax and enjoy the weekend


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