Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

As Luck Would Have it…

The System

Gee Whiz.


As luck would have it, timing is everything.

Did you ever get a feeling that an obnoxious move like late yesterday needed correcting, but we wouldn’t be around to take advantage of it?


The open, as usual, involves jabbing and probing.

I liked range trading for the morning, and expected a breakout/or breakdown during lunch. I thought ahead of news, longs may want to capture profits. The wild card was 15.25…As long as that was intact, Bulls had the edge.

[12:31]  E: if break 15.25 low
[12:31]  E: any low available this afternoon

I do love my team.

[14:06] C G: say yee haa
[14:06] C G: saying it for E


I had an appointment out of the office and left at 12:30, back at 4:10.

Glad my team was on the ball and used the system to their advantage.

Beige Book put some Green in their pockets.

My Goal? Teach our traders so they out grow me, don’t need me.

Well on our way.

Newest member who joined yesterday is interested in learning how  to see potential targets.

Returning to the scene of the crime. Studying deeper charts show us less little wiggles and more meaningful “position” ideas. Traders who focus only on the 1 and 2 minute charts may miss context. Scan them all for ideas.

What did the system call for?

1201.25 as potential target 2  (T2) short side.


How did Zeek lead the troops?

[15:24]  Zeek411: 1201.5 is xxx target

This chart (members only) is simple, powerful, and amazing. No razzle dazzle, no fancy indicators, no spaghetti.

Thanks Zeek and members for great teamwork.

Thanks CG for the Yeehaa!


The Twitter Machine barely a crawl of ideas these days…did my part to reduce it today. No action no reaction.


E  Wiz system alive and doing well…

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