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Beware of Charging Crocodiles

The System

@eminiwizard #EMWS same story though, if its successful why do traders feel they have to charge for it?


Try buying a loaf of bread with your smile.

Or paying your mortgage, or anything for that matter.

Is capitalism so evil?


Will your Doctor let you slide? Is college tuition free?


I believe you have to give before you get, and I give away a lot of valuable information for free.

I try to help some traders get going in the right direction.


Irony about today’s dialogue?

@Renatrader: People are asking me why Diamond Setups is like a video game: – It is ALL visual, there are no complicated formulas or calculations to make.

My system derives partially from math and complicated formulas…for the subtle moves and an edge.

The simplest system I use a 4th grader can use; and that idea is responsible for 75% of my insights, the bigger moves.

He or she can learn it in ten minutes.

Pareto Principle anyone?


Time for me to chill out.

‘Nuff said.


Traders in our member room who have taken the time to learn the system know my ideas…

[14:34] XX: E, You’re the best. System works. Your dedication to our success is unparelleled. Of course this is not easy. But there are successful students of yours that or doing great out there. Paid trade calls all suck. You need 30 point stops, $100K acct, fulltime job, and a Silver spoon in your mouth. Your system is key to “making it “out there.

Much appreciated XX.


72 71 was our target EOD. My greed wanted the gap.

We said “flat by 72”, the gap is the carrot that will trap us.

75 was the fighting line.



Members know. If they missed the day, they can go to our forum and read the details and learn after hours when it is more convenient.

Have a great weekend all.


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eminiwizard E Random thoughts …

eminiwizard E @ @50Pips good morning and thank u as always 50 :)

50Pips : 50 Pips @ @eminiwizard my pleasure, gm E

eminiwizard E @Legacy_Trades @AsTrading @jotuk6771 thanks all for the #FF much appreciated

eminiwizard E RT @eradke: Obama had to play golf, his groupon was going to expire. / lol still waiting for my invite too #EMWS

eminiwizard E @ @misfithab :) gm

eminiwizard E RT @JeffreyLin: RT @eradke: Obama had to play golf, his groupon was going to expire. << why would it expire? he’d just print more $HPQ / lol

eminiwizard E @ @JeffreyLin he would be fair about it I am sure and give one to everyone #EMWS

eradke : Eli Radke @ @eminiwizard any tool is only as good as the quality/quantity of the participants using it.

misfithab : Darryl Lepik @ @eminiwizard 82s as predicted…..must have been luck :-) #EMWS

eminiwizard E RT @50Pips: Free Webinar on Sunday > #fx #forex #trading / <<< he knows his stuff , a real student of the markets #FF

50Pips 50 Pips @ @eminiwizard thanks, E much appreciated, very kind of you.

eradke Eli Radke @ @eminiwizard @JeffreyLin ha ha

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chewtonic kr kv @ @eminiwizard So far looking like “Open Test Drive” went higher, found no buyers and sliding downhill from there

chewtonic kr kv @ @eminiwizard yeah..I took off half of my longs right at the open..$AAPL looking bad..if it goes back to 326, not sure if support holds

eminiwizard E [08:45] E: right here [08:45] E: 88 [08:45] E: i think done / targ is 76.5 half gap but advised $ taking 79

eminiwizard E @ @chewtonic no one wants to buy that high … right +35 points of fluff overnight last 2 days #EMWS

eminiwizard E trailers or re – entry scalps only and best short done (timing trade)demon at 84.25 #EMWS

eminiwizard E RT @eminiplayer: “Below 1282.50, we have Support at 1276.25-1278.25, which will serve as a target.” / nice what about yest high 74.5 ? #EMWS

E-Mini Player @ @eminiwizard Given quadruple witching, my expectation was for a narrow range, so gave more weight to Wednesday’s high 76.75 + CHVN 77

YooDman YooDman @BamaTrader @eminiwizard @eminiplayer nice read guys

eminiwizard E take what the market gives us 78 cant crack then dont force it av piv there #EMWS

eminiwizard E @ @eminiplayer thanks player :) #EMWS

eminiwizard E yeehaa at half gap for the trailers :) #EMWS

eminiwizard E @ @eminiplayer thank u :) #EMWS

caseyphelan Casey Phelan #FF @Tradersmarts @RenaTrader @Indianagrainco @traderCRM @eminiplayer @eminiwizard @LPEFtrading

BamaTrader BamaTrader RT @eminiwizard: yeehaa at half gap for the trailers :) #EMWS << That 1/2-gap trade is bank. Best ‘bread and milk’ trade there is,imo.


eminiwizard E RT @CGinthehouse: Watching SPY 128. Who do you think will get paid today? puts or calls? / suggested take $ at open for calls bought weds

CGinthehouse Audrey @ @eminiwizard Well, I didn’t buy calls, selling puts would make much more sense to take advantage of time decay + vol decrease

(Note: We do not suggest new traders get involved with credit or debit spreads, and certainly not selling naked puts, especially in volatile markets. If you understand major turning points, it is just as easy to hedge by buying calls or puts.)

CGinthehouse Audrey @ @eminiwizard haha, and on this rally. Perfect way to screw all greedy put buyers. Same story, different opex. lol

@eminiplayer @YooDman @caseyphelan @BamaTrader @gorham11 @westlead @CGinthehouse @RenaTrader thank you all #EMWS

eminiwizard E @ @eminiplayer great explanation thanks :) #EMWS

gorham11 Jason Gorham Well done, once again!! RT @eminiwizard: yeehaa at half gap for the trailers :) #EMWS

[10:58] E: i learned this at the zoo [10:59] E: is the market last 2 days more like a crocodile or alligator? #EMWS

[11:06] xxxx: Market can eat you up either way / lol #EMWS

its about the jaws … crocodile is V shape #EMWS

RT @traderCRM: Lets go 75.50×74.50 / nice trade take something off by players targ for sure b4 that 74.5 target #EMWS

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traderturkeyLinda Finelli @ @FibinIt @faithmight @RagheeHorner @RubyGay @zerohedge @ForexLive @eminiwizard @gregmikeFX @tweeterTrades have a great one deb.

RenaTrader Renato Santos @eminiwizard thank you very much for the RT E, much appreciated. Have a great weekend.

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retail u still like your longs? #EMWS

[11:27] E: 74 still my target / peel out something in 75’s #EMWS

told team i rather make 2 points shorting rather than 5 long at the open … just playing the odds…over time we will win #EMWS

use common sense and take profits near targets #EMWS

RT @RenaTrader: learn how to use the Diamond Setups to trade profitably, like playing video game, no stress! :)

@traderturkey @FibinIt @MissTrade thanks all options exp a doozy, isn’t it? #EMWS

@avassallo @BamaTrader @GreenJayTrading thank you all #EMWS

Sidekicker_101 Sidekicker @ @eminiwizard @RenaTrader one time fee of US$ 345.00 // LOL. whatever.

Sidekicker_101 Sidekicker @ @eminiwizard @RenaTrader one time fee of US$ 345.00 .. LOL. WHatever #EMWS

zx12ts tom seales @ @eminiwizard Why are you retweeting spam?? Or was the post a mistake???

RT @zx12ts: @eminiwizard Why are you retweeting spam?? Or was the post a mistake??? / lol u are kidding right? #EMWS

for all u traders who think twitter should be free info…u get what u pay for / whatever included / #EMWS

people pay how much for college tuition? … and then hunt for job how long? and $345 is too much?

TexTrader TexTrader @ @eminiwizard $345 for what…missed it?

TraderSmarts TraderSmarts @ @eminiwizard ROFL

zx12ts tom seales @ @eminiwizard No, is renatrader a part of your operation?? Just seems to me like you indorse it with your name on it??

i have no affiliation with @renatrader just to clear that up … just helping give visibility to another trader whom i respect #EMWS

TraderSmarts TraderSmarts RT @eminiwizard: for all u traders who think twitter should be free info…u get what u pay for/whatever included/ #EMWS

zx12ts tom seales @ @eminiwizard K, NP. Just kind of took me by surprise!

Maven__ Maven @ @eminiwizard Don’t let those negative dudes stop your quality comments, Maestro. Pretty please. 😉 #EMWS

focus on trading forget the noise #EMWS end of posts for today

@TraderSmarts thank u

Sidekicker_101 Sidekicker @ @eminiwizard #EMWS same story though, if its successful why do traders feel they have to charge for it?

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Maven__ Maven @ @TraderSmarts Eminiwizard RT’d a marketing tweet of Renatrader & someone complained which upset E

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@jotuk6771 @LPEF_Trading @MandArealestate @yeeron @RenaTrader @Maven__ @TraderSmarts thanks for the #FF much appreciated

@Maven__ thank u check forum later in member room for yeeehaa #EMWS

Maven__ Maven @ @eminiwizard Ok, will do! Thank you and enjoy ur w/e

Jediphone Jediphone If you trade FX: @50Pips: If you trade futures #FF @HamzeiAnalytics @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard /Enjoy the SuperMoon

eminiwizard E @Jediphone thanks Jedi for #FF … and Super mooner… was he in Grease? #EMWS

Jediphone Jediphone @ @eminiwizard or maybe that was the Blue Moon-er? Should be nice from the beach tomorrow night…

eminiwizard E @ @Jediphone lol … great idea… have a nice weekend Jedi


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