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Stop Losses

Momo Traders won big time today, and the two rotational pullbacks came in the first and last hour of the day.

Our most egregious target was 1289.5, and the high came within one tic.


We, along with everyone else, are left breathless at this powerful move.

For the last two days, and for the month.

Through the use of overnight leverage, a massive squeeze again was engineered.

Makes the Panama Canal act of levitation easier to understand.


The trader we recently talked about who has continued to defend his thesis that 1156 is a sell signal and has stubbornly refused to ditch that position may want to rethink things a bit.


Today was a test of wills; after the gigantic leap overnight, how do we play it?

If at all?


Wimpy me: If playing this first hour, try to scalp short, and use the 72 area as resistance.

If it’s not the right level, we’ll know about it soon enough. Use stops and do not let anything run against you today.


When the IB ended, we suggested 58 support for the bounce, and encouraged shorts to hug their wife, kids, and dog, and consider ourselves fortunate.”If we realign with the trend, we should get a bounce, then let’s see where it takes us.”

Step by step, a lot further than most expected, including me.

“The system says 1289.5 is next target”.


I noticed the General made an interesting post today. It showed me why he is truly great.  Students of the market never stop learning; they add to their arsenal with new and broader insights.

He continues to evolve as a trader, and he is inspirational to those who think we finally have arrived.

The bar is constantly being raised.





We had a full house today and reviewed the spreadsheets, patterns, and math.

[16:13] ba: ty E. these days would normally have chewed me to pieces.
[16:13] Janelle _: gn, many thanks
[16:13] ba: Best day since joined room instead

The Emini wizard system is alive and well, and when traders support each other and help each other, amazing things happen.

Thanks to CG for her efforts in recruiting the advanced students to help our New members.


Now lets see if the Cards can do it.

Let’s Play Ball !


Queen is King…

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