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Bucket Shop rules

Art of Trading

There is one sure-fire way to get the market moving.

Sneak attack.

Do what most traders cannot do: move fast, then swing through a rotational pivot and make the shot.

Markets turn on a dime, most traders cannot. That’s why “we” fail.

The pre market dunk by the Boyz was the set-up for the trap and squeeze move.

The Picket fence, the pick and roll.


We had the right charts, and depending on how you played it, before 10:30 est there were short term moves  in both directions.

Under 33 was acceptable as a short, and the marginal defense at the 34 was reasonable for the short side. The 45 minute flat top had the shorts in a cage, and those who scratched the trade made out better than those who were stubborn.

Those who reversed also had a good day.

I think market structure is high and we are in desperate need of a pullback. That being said, above the blue line and the rain line, we cannot just continually carry losses and pretend that the “market will turn around and bail me out.”

Hope is a four letter word, and is not an answer for successful trading.

We had defense at 29.5 and 28.25 for the longs pre market, and short side was 33 or assume the 38.5 target was fair game. T2 was at 41, so we suggested 42 as resistance if the 38 got broken.

I missed the majority of the afternoon with an appointment, and wasn’t surprised to see the tight afternoon range continued.

I suggested the 35 as support after the 36 broke, and that was never violated the rest of the day.

Bucket Shop rules


@eminiwizard not trading 2day?

@tradetime99 [12:16] E: my gift to myself no post on twitter [12:16] E: so just relax today

@eminiwizard have a relaxfull day


i did send him a few dm’s as a courtesy

tradetime99: E: [08:01] E: key today will be the 33 +/- move still 26 38 like yesterday for now [08:49] E: 29.5 attacked so 28.25 next support

tradetime99: [09:55] E: first time back at rain supposed to hold [09:56] E: and above 33 can go to any high it wants

tradetime99: [08:51] E: and i think sneak attack [08:51] E: for trapping late shorts early longs now

tradetime99: [11:57] E: agg support 35 [11:57] E: for the 38.5


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