Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Common Cents

Money Management

“The most uncommon thing is common sense.”


Students of the market continue to learn new techniques, skills, technical insights.

Moving averages, oscillators, you name it.


I believe successful traders study other traders.

Find out what 90% of traders are doing and then do the opposite.


“How can the most traders get fooled?”  is a question we continually ask ourselves.

We wanted to know how today could be different from yesterday to accomplish that mission.

Giving you too much of our playbook…

Nah, no worries; not enough time to study our metodology and keep track of every little indicator or vpoc.


No problem with NiceTrade : write my words.I wont be surprise to see this market going test its bull market high next month or so $ES_F #EMWS #FT71

We shall see… lots of bumps and turns in the road on the way to his target. It does take courage though to express our views for the world to see.

Like Mr 900.

Our preference is to capture a slice or two of the market movement every day, whichever way it is going.

4Q made another good call. The throwaway from other streams has respected our request, and has promptly answered questions about his style of trading. He was willing to risk 6 points to make 5.5 …not exactly a the kind of trade we seek, but he did make a good point.

If he has high probability, then he has reasonable odds of success. Before I am quick to dismiss his methodology, I realize the Big Boyz certainly play that way. His target was hit, and his stop was never hit.

Nice trade.


An afternoon appointment kept me sidelined today. A few of our traders wanted long, some short.

“Let’s stop our emotional posturing and consider the facts.”

It was like a ball game where a coach reviews what adjustments were needed for the second half. We reviewed the plan we had chosen, and why. The range had worked. We first expected a test of the 12; for it to hold, and then challenge 19. The Demon at 23 was suspect, and with stops being hit…

Trap early longs, trap late shorts… squeeze higher.

I left instruction for the team: “Expect a test of 28 by EOD and use that area as resistance.”

Remember there is a gap at 28.5… that’s the beginning of a largely unauctioned area since noon on last Friday and Sunday night…

The Under 1300 crowd was so focused on their belief, they ignored several important keys for this long-side push.

Holiday weekend coming, thin trade, and normally easier for the Boyz to manipulate as we approach Memorial Day.

Month end on Tuesday, last two trading days coming up.

“The loonies are running the asylum” I jokingly remarked as I left Zeek and TC in charge.

I’m sure the team never even missed me.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?


Hold on to our cents, and the dollars will take care of themselves.

Note: Several traders asked for the #EMWS stream. I will be showcasing those stream posts and interactions with other traders.  Too tedious… so use it or lose it. The purpose is to clarify thoughts, not act as if we know it all.







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