Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Common Scents

Money Management

Funny Money: Dead Presidents still ripping us off.

Did you smell a rat today? It took me awhile, but finally the odor became unmistakable.


The Boyz are showing signs of desperation, wouldn’t you say?

Being prepared for their egregious tactics is one thing, trading it successfully is another.


Money Management is key, so we can think reasonably clearly in the heat of battle.

Some traders are nonchalant; thinking how in the bigger picture xxxx is a magical line of defense.

What about the day by day skirmishes that allow us to capture a portion of the move and live as traders rather than investors?


Nut case.

What’s your daily “nut”; the amount of capital you are trying to earn to sustain your business?

If we can eke out five points, or eight, or ten  points or more every day, can’t we earn a living?


I try to capture my daily vig as soon as I can, then become conservative. Risk only a small portion of profits.

Adapt and see what other traders miss.

If 85% of the herd is wrong, then we need to think independently.


Where did the shorts go wrong today?

What’s your idea?

Conservative idea testing support.

“Sometimes a contra turns into a huge win”.

The Mirror begins.


The Sting.


Better edge near the edge.

Simple, in my opinion.

[08:03]  E: not going anywhere south side til that 82/85 core lets go


Pushing a bully back up against a wall does nothing.

Remember that… we are either pushing or being pushed against.


Next milestone?

[11:43]  E: 1208 targ


The reversal took root when the rain line let go late morning.

We recognized 1204 as key support when it couldn’t crack, and the market was destined to defiantly move higher, at a very fast pace.

Higher highs encouraged pullback buying.


Common sense says when in doubt, get out. The extreme swings lately suggest manipulation of a higher order than we are used to seeing.

Defense wins ball games.

Catch a piece of the move, see what we can take from the day.





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