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Diamonds and Pearls

Head Fakes

Deep sea diving is for the adventurous; we never know what we are going to find, but need to come up for air some time.

Today’s low hit the jackpot, and was a signal for the profit taking sequence rhythm.

After hours, market is still in neg territory, and bullish traders still scratching their heads wondering why.

Hit bounces until it stops working.



Traders that think I am bragging have no idea that I am a very humble trader. Sharing ideas, that’s all.

Not in competition with anyone.


One day, you just might decide there is something to the #EMWS .

Til then, keep on doing what you are doing if it works for you. Trade ideas are posted in the member room well in advance, and market commentary added for explanations as to the WHY, not just the trade.

RT @eminiwizard: trailer for eod is short side not long side #EMWS / hit bounces til they stop working


RT @DougKass: A CONTAGION OF BLACK SWANS $$ / or at least a murder of crows … nice article #EMWS

(For me, Diamond Girl is current events; for the Doo Wop Gold, try this :)

RT @JeffreyLin: RT @e half gap is 73.5 < her’es your 73 halves @WILLSMITH $ES_F /Jeff can u make it a package deal and get JP-S too? #EMWS

@ManducaD thank u for rt

[09:28] E: my preference is hit bounces [09:34] E: and half gap trade risky today at open [09:40] E: out by 67

any re entry scalping only dbl top at 83 still resist

[11:05] E: ff targ 56.88

RT @eminiwizard: [11:05] E: ff targ 56.88 / #EMWS should cover on fast move

E: [10:43] E: i still think longs not ez for sustained push E: [10:47] E: need to be contained by the 78 resist #EMWS

E: [10:08] E: anyone still long remember av pivot 76 area [11:10] E: think boyz protecting 55? #EMWS

RT @ParrParr: scene of the crime 72? / should be resistance #EMWS

[11:23] E: targ is the 62.5 #EMWS

Peel out by 60 and trail any remainder #EMWS lunch coming

[12:04] E: take it and run 58 #EMWS … relax now lunch

E: [08:51] E: market will want to retest lows #EMWS that was our premise

short side hit it til stops working #EMWS

[08:55] E: i would not get too bullish today [08:55] E: momo trade yest hurt some shorts but only those who were stubborn #EMWS

[08:58] E: scalping short hit bounces day [08:58] E: waterfall plunge can have vicious rally [08:58] E: then fades and falls again #EMWS

@MissTrade u interviewed Ali? nice… man of conscience

RT @MissTrade: 1251 yet? just wait we will be there later today! / such confidence !

[12:12] E: xxxx target 48 …. 52 is first

RT @eminiwizard: [12:12] E: xxxx target 48 …. 52 is first / #EMWS careful of news lows and bounce

@MissTrade u betcha big guy :) nice trading :)

T2 is 48 today and the long shot #EMWS

[13:56] E: careful of any new low that hits 48 to 44 #EMWS

say yeehaa #EMWS

[14:19] E: target 44 hit [14:16] E: 42 supp #EMWS

RT @RenaTrader: $ES_F Sold last 1/4 at 1250.50, +7.25 pts – flat and done. Weekly target achieved. / wtg diamond girl #EMWS

Diamond girl

51 previous support being retested #EMWS

its all about the rhythm #EMWS

u sure do shine @RenaTrader #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: wtg diamond girl #EMWS >>Diamond Setups a trader’s best friend :)

[14:25] E: 58 stop [14:25] E: for re entries #EMWS

hope u got a piece of it… any re entries now up to u we said careful of the snap back :) #EMWS

should be test the 58 area #EMWS

RT @enoehtoen: pain to both shorts and longs. love it / why pain? lol flexible traders got the bounce too … #EMWS

58 sellers don’t force it if market hot just relax … keep profits #EMWS try next level… a few trapped shorts who didnt know support

[14:51] E: my preference is to be cautious when i think low in [14:46] E: 63 should be key as back up [14:46] E: scalping only #EMWS

when the PPT rushes in … fighting them from the LL123 trap … be careful they know the squeeze levels #EMWS

trend traders who shorted 63 getting late take what u can by 52 #EMWS

“knowing where profit taking areas are= edge” we dont need to buy 43 on strong trend day…but should take $$ there #EMWS

eneothen :@eminiwizard yes sir! those nimble or gutsy or stupid enough to buy the bottom and play both sides did well today. i just watched.

aggressive will play that bounce IF WE HAVE PROFITS willing to risk :) #EMWS

trailer for eod is short side not long side #EMWS

@eminiwizard For a man on vacation, you continue to do amazing work. Excellent lessons today. #EMWS

RT @westlead: @eminiwizard For a man on vacation, you continue to do amazing work. Excellent lessons today. #EMWS / thanks westie :)

@westlead does his homework every night and is one of our dedicated traders … fair disclosure #EMWS

our target was to test 52 to 51 for eod … and if u dont carry overnight … gone here #EMWS

RT @MissTrade: 1251 sound familiar? / :) wtg big guy #EMWS

@jotuk6771 @RenaTrader @westlead @zlmtb @dkrebby @dkrebby @lyndella @number16 @MissTrade @ManducaD ty always grateful for RT #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: trailer for eod is short side not long side #EMWS / hit bounces til they stop working

RT @geckler: Sold 1/2 $77.68 enough for a new Caddie :) / u play golf? (I  assumed he meant car, but this was joke that triggered…)

RT @Minty415: @eminiwizard In case you haven’t heard about @geckler. FYI he scammed me for $40./ ty i was joking… much appreciate your heads up #EMWS

@Dzi11 @Minty415 thank you… never met him, don’t know him. due diligence as always and caveat emptor. #EMWS

Dzi11 @eminiwizard not to mention @geckler also stole 10k from @itsmeirab 2.5k from sg22, and this: he writes it off as hate

Dzi11 @eminiwizard np, after so many disputes of fraud @geckler has been in, he will no longer have any credibility.

Dzi11 @eminiwizard we’re trying to bring @geckler to court, but all of his phones are off. He literally fell off the face of the earth. Hes Hiding


Rena : @eminiwizard thanks for the video link, really nice.

(For me, Diamond Girl is current events; for the doo wop gold try this :)


@Nirav777 market trailers for short side why guess bottom?

@eminiwizard db test and, combo

@Nirav777 i meant your earlier adventure

@Nirav777 42 support needs testing? T2 W targ is ? all under the umbrella #EMWS

@eminiwizard agreed

RT @GreenJayTrading: $ES_F continue to watch for support, but b aware $1166 (june) ultimate support Q2./ty for insight GJT any chart? #EMWS

@GreenJayTrading :) ty heading to dinner shortly … annoying my wife right now as usual… lol #EMWS

@Nirav777 TGPS column R for the significant levels … align with that late afternoon idea/ agg and conserv :) #EMWS

@eminiwizard I will send a few tonight, that correlate to our analysis. I am on my phone right now, killing some time :-)

@GreenJayTrading :) ty heading to dinner shortly … annoying my wife right now as usual… lol #EMWS

@lyndella: @eminiwizard: when the PPT rushes in… fighting them from the LL123 trap… be careful they know the squeeze levels << What does this mean?

@lyndella:  Brief explanation. its about timing… catching turtles, then going without them after stop outs #EMWS

heading to dinner… just showing my team i dont eat 5 pm with all the old geezers as they rofl’ed :) #EMWS


  • eminiwizard (Author) said:

    From Lyndella on Twitter

    @eminiwizard I see. Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense, but it seems you have to guess whether to buy or sell the turtle.

    All trading is educated guessing…at least to me. I must not be as smart as the profilers or whomever that know exactly where every little wiggle is

    Seeking excellence, not perfection


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