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Diving Bored

Stop Losses

No way to predict this short side manslaughter… or is there?

Daily chart: Breakout. First Hour: Breakout.Weekly chart: Breakout. Monthly, Yearly chart: Breakout.


Friday’s dive left all traders convinced that the rally was over.

Longs would get their overdue comeuppance.

I don’t think so.

One day, yes; today, no.

The timing of Friday’s plunge is like a diver leaping up into the air, depressing the diving board, and then being catapulted skyward. Yesterday we said to our team no way of knowing for sure, but likely this was new money coming into the market.. and bouncing was all we know.

Some bounce.

Hindsight would tell us whether it was a fibo rt, or a new high.

If the charts tell a story, we need to listen.

If our instincts tell us resistance is not holding, we need to concentrate on support and upside targets.

We warned shorts try once; if doesn’t work, likely to see a print [08:57] E: 1300.25, and any day high possible.

Intuition said 1306.

Lucky guess.


We have a number of ideas in play, most of which is suspicion about the kind of day it will be.

[08:04] Z: typical rabid dog first day of the month

[08:14] E: market can go to any high [08:16] E: squeezed trapped shorts yet again

[08:14] E: market can go to any high [08:16] E: squeezed trapped shorts yet again

@eminiwizard i’m sorry, i haven’t graduated to the ES as of yet but do enjoy your direction, trading philosophies and antidotes – Debbie

@FibinIt hi fib we had likely targ 1301.25 as t2 since the open never pb

@FibinIt yes i do… been teaching a new member as well as team all morning in our chat room

1303.25 was projected next target

RT @eminiwizard: 1303.25 was projected next target // r we doing same thing E – lol $ES_F

@SpanishTrader lol

@SpanishTrader can go to any day high…but step by step thats what we saw :) and a day like today we feel best be trend trade or flat

12:31  @SpanishTrader if 1306 not resistance then no idea

@eminiwizard and day Hi

@tradetime99 yes any time a targ is hit that could be it

ST @eminiwizard correct have 06 and 07.25 gap and 08 ledge – who knows ? then lunch pullback may see 98.xx – but I am taking a break

previous high 99.5 so 98.5 important   (now support)

@SpanishTrader if made $ today long side today … protect mode … if shorted and undisciplined

RT @MissTrade: @optionmonster Same reason they police my posts, anything I post doesn’t make Stocktwits stream, selective not Open Source

@MissTrade i dont even waste my time with those jokers not worth the effort just parrots

RT @MissTrade: @eminiwizard Tucan Sams chirp chirp / rofl …when they ban outstanding traders like the general , u know the fix is in

[13:52] E: 2 to 3 pts pb max on rdd [14:10] E: cannot even break 02

RT @vader7x: i’m out one day and you guys let the bulls go wild! …haa. hope everyone made money / i hope grandma ok

[14:58] E: still xxx and potential for 1307 1308

no interest in shorting a day like today just not worth it 1306 as resist til broken

agg traders with profits only ones allowed to risk a portion of profits for eod scalp

and target 3’s and off by 2’s

1 point stop at the 1305’s

cuz profit taking at this hr… but shorts on the hook for 1300+ close i think

[10:23] E: ib is designed to trap shorts and go [10:23] E: today

RT @TWSS79: @eminiwizard very similar feeling as trying to buy on friday / :) [12:14] E: so this is mirror of the plunge day

when no contra during day… best shot is eod after 3:45 for the late contra :) still not ez

@LaffingTrader @igbaGGii @TWSS79 @50Pips @MissTrade @brasil61 @TexTrader @smilinghiker thanks all for comments and posts

@SpanishTrader @tradetime99 @FibinIt @31WCapital @chewtonic thanks all for comments and posts

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