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Eagle Country

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Eagles eyes spotted the Rabid Dog Day early.

“Short side will be hard today.”

Options Expiration games… try for 2 or 3 points… maybe by EOD shorts will get one decent trade worth the risk.

This is a mirror day of last Friday…you will need to be aggressive if you want the long side…buying the 77 area with 2 point stop if you want it.

We really have revised the name to Rabid Snail Day… since the cheese was stolen overnight, and much but not all of today’s rangewas presumed already well under the safe-keeping protection of the Boyz.


The pace was fast… calculations suggested that the market would build relentlessly and likely test the mid eighties and possibly 87.5 /88.25 today.

If you scalp short… best to avoid holding it… hit and run capture, try it again.

By EOD, there should be a late contra as traders capture profits. It doesn’t have to…but that is a sensible r/r idea.

Remember we can always pass on trades that have poor risk/reward. Look for the edge in this business


Dentist appointment late afternoon…I knew that trade was not meant to be for me.


The manic depressive behavior of the market is understandable after this huge corrective travel range.

How it computes to making new highs is beyond my imagination… but a little fairie dust and the Bulls are all over the sky is the limit idea.


I think the 1258 gets taken out; we shall see. The nature of this bounce should give us more evidence to ponder.

Sharp, furious rallies are characteristic of corrections. Profit taking ensues…bounces happen.

Remember…we are seekers of the truth. We have the luxury to choose when, where, how much to play.

No good set up… we can still take trades, as long as we have the discipline to accept stops.


“Be careful on pullbacks after I leave… the time to buy was earlier, not EOD. If you didn’t buy 77 area , why buy 85 or 84 late day? Trader’s profits begin to evaporate…market will give shorts the trade they have been hoping would materialize.


It’s strawberry season…and it lasts around here for about three or four weeks. I love the native berries grown locally, and we support the smaller businesses when we can.

Yesterday, I told my wife “Delicious”. She replied that although the strawberries were great, her home-made short cake was just a tad off. She is a professional in that department; (when the kids were growing up, and I said I was cooking, they yelled “Yeehaa, Pizza!”).

She said if the oven was a smidge hotter, they would have risen just a bit higher, been a little fluffier.

Who knew?

Yummy anyways.


I was thinking of Pizza because we went to visit with family tonight and I was asked to cook dinner.

Before I left, the circle of life continued. I read a story to Lucy, and it was pretty neat. Papa carries a long ladder, and puts it on top of a mountain to reach the moon. It illustrated the horizontal plane with fold out pages, and the vertical trip to the moon and back by pages that flipped up.

I hope Lucy (only 2.5 years old) got the message.

We can get anything we want in life.

When I read to the kids at bedtime, I used to fall asleep before them.

I am all grown up now, so I only snooze on the couch now and then.


Hear me say I’ll rise up ’til the end

No one has the power to control us unless we give it to them. Accept 100% responsibility for our own success or failure.

We all hold the key to the imaginary prisons of our mind.

We are masters of our own destiny.








So put me on a highway,

and show me a sign…

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