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Frozen Lizard

Art of Trading

Are we having fun yet?

We have been running in place for two days now. One or two days does not make a market; but for Traders in a hurry, the pace is obnoxious.

By the middle of the afternoon session, we had decided that this was the opposite of the frog in boiling water routine. I called it fish in frozen water.

15:07  E: opposite of frog in boiling water
15:07  E: marginal lows still though
15:08  E: can we call this fish in freezing water?
15:08  E: lol
15:08 GT : Frozen Lizard
15:08  E: ok
15:08  E: so be it

07:57  E: same as when we left
07:58  E: we had the 89/90  $ taking
07:59 L: DT
07:59  E: and the 96.25 1 ticked

08:05  E: we may have more sideways action
08:05  E: or non action
08:05 L: certain looks that way E
08:05  E: 87 first support

10:36  E: this range is cruel and unusual punishment

11:02  E: anyone short must capture something 88 area

11:02  E: this is db with yest 87.75 rth low
11:02  E: minor support

13:13  E: got nuthin better 2 do?
13:13  E: i prefer trades that happen quickly
13:13 CG .: I came to see what to do next
13:13 CG .: haha
13:14  E: the ones at lunch are the worst
13:16  E: get paid for risk
13:16  E: peel out certainly something if short by angel 90
13:17  E: and as i said i may be wrong
13:17  E: but prefer shorts after the 3 day push

13:17  E: so 85.25 is T1 on break of 87
13:31 GT : Triple bottom @ 88.25?
13:31 GT 22: K
13:31  E: 3rd time thru i think
13:31  E: test 86 85
13:31  E: xx
13:32  E: it is support til broken
13:32  E: 88
13:32  E: i just think it eventually will now
13:32  E: brb
13:37  E: this time (afternoon)
13:37  E: i prefer to see it stay below 92
13:37  E: and better under 91
13:39  E: boyz love 85
13:40  E: volume very light
13:48  E: if 91 holds
13:49  E: then it is xx 92 for short side
13:49  E: because lunch
14:45  E: still hasnt gone 10 pts rth this week
14:45  E: and up side
14:46  E: from 75 to 87?
14:46  E: 12 points gap
14:46  E: criminal
14:47  E: we do not have to wait for stop out
14:47  E: u get a 3 point trade
14:47  E: and u like it
14:47  E: can take it
14:48  E: look for another trade
14:48  E: multiple contracts
14:48  E: peel some out
14:55  E: we made new low
14:55  E: after 230
14:55  E: but taking its sweet time
14:55  E: market can always do this 1 tick lower low
14:55  E: and just say see ya
14:56  E: that red line i put on
14:56  E: is to help me be aware of that idea
14:56  E: i want to c it come back thru it
14:56  E: if not i need to realize that low is probably in
14:57  E: range xx
14:57  E: xx
14:58  E: boyz are going to wait til after market closes to go if at all
14:58  E: cant blame traders
14:58  E: scalping is what we said
14:58  E: narrow range so take what it gives
15:04 DD: I am a morning kind of trader..last hr and lunch hr also are not high % times for I better run and get my things in order.Usually done by noon est..Thanks much E..very good stuff..I hope to be involved before long.
15:04  E: ok d
15:04  E: lol
15:05 DD: same difference maybe..Thanks for having me E..its great stuff ! Wish I had come here 1st ! Gave my $ to a much lesser trading guy..hope to be back soon ..Thx !
16:07  E: this was pattern i saw desc triangle
16:07  E: took the emas out of it so i wouldnt be biased
16:07  E: trading is an art
16:08  E: i hope u all understand we do the best we can on any given day
16:08  E: dont take the market personally
16:08  E: it is not out to get u
16:08  E: read the charts
16:08  E: read the boyz
16:09  E: take reasonable risk
16:09  E: capture profits when the market offers them
16:09 DL: GN boss…
16:10 JG : ty E, all
16:10 JG : gn
16:10  E: gn all
16:10 Westlead .: gn
16:15  E: pikers got the longs


14:04  E: because i want to see 82 tested


(In my best Robert DeNiro voice) : Are you talkin’ to me?


@eminiwizard I saw some turtles today in the cattle fields. I didn’t catch them but know how to find them now. Thanks for the tip! :-) #EMWS

@lyndella thank u :) the box turtles (ones with shorts on) were slow turtles too lol #EMWS

@dkrebby just favorited your tweet: we liked scalping short side, but market pace awful #EMWS


For the record, No I did not participate in hitting my target after hours.

When I work, work; when I play, play.

You want to leave open positions on while you go to golf or whatever, be my guest.

Took a walk on the beach with my wife.

Had a great swim in the Gulf.

Ran into an old friend at the Merc whom I used to work with way back when.

Enjoyed a brew at The Pub and some fish and chips, while Lady Huskies gave Purdue a lesson.

Experiencing Life : Priceless


George, twins and family had a great stay, flew out this morning. They looked like the boat people when we dropped them off at the airport.

Youth; such energy.

Happy Bday Pop.

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