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Giving Thanks


Thanks for all our Blessings.


Living in the land of the free (lunch), home of the brave (who earn our daily bread).

Best wishes to all for a wonderful Holiday.

Our room is open for members Friday, but I expect to be working off a food coma, and starting another one.

Thanks to Zeek, Best of the Best


Yesterday chat

Destiny’s Child


79 resistance

Up and attem again

Tunnel vision? Try the 30 minute chart.

Angels and Demons

Look for Patterns

Closing down for the Holiday


The Fat Lady Sings.


Want to help yourself?

Step by Step

Reach out and help someone else

That’s the best way to give thanks for all our Blessings.

Pass it on… Like Jedi has


Here is a site I found today for one of our members.

Nice commentary and insightful.


I love my team. Quality, not quantity.


Turkey Trot Hoe down









“Happy Thanksgiving to all”, even to the Boyz.