Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Guys ‘N Ties

Risk and Reward

Beware of the Guys in Ties.

Kentucky Hillbillies too.


Half gap, gap plays, market structure all discussed. Play hit and run advised , if you play at all. One to two point targets. Light volume, earnings season… not going down, not going up, sideways, squeeze.


Uh -oh.

Bears couldn’t break the 87. Must be trapping and getting ready to squeeze them.

Key charts were blended to give us a good perspective of this narrow range day.

We had 92 to 94 resistance this morning; suspicious of the 87 since it seemed to be an important defense area.

Can’t over think or over trade days like today.

Theta Burn expected… narrow range with options expiration week.

A sea of blue.

Couldn’t gain access to my chat room, Two times today my new computer mini crashed. Obviously not stable. Never had that happen before; 2 x in one day left me exasperated. Add to that the lady next door needed help getting up her driveway, with snow and ice coming down, and her husband needing a trip to the hospital.

Just another day in the life.


The poll today asked the question that a guest asked: E  what is the system all about?

Most popular answers: Monkee throwing darts; and Intuition combined with quantifiable edges.

@i001962 will do … HNY and be well

the little market that could …

@50Pips @Marketrend @JeffreyLin ty for rt :) where is the trader who said everyone knows we are going to 900? …

@50Pips 94 the first barrier

@Jediphone thanks Jedi gm

RT @TraderSmarts: Sausage McMuffin time? RT @mrtopstep: $ES_F #futures … / i ‘ll take my eggs over easy please options ex

RT @misstrademember: I just don’t like 3.5 pt ranges / its ok for puttting… all about risk and reward

careful of theta burn in op ex

@nikkyd @eminiwizard U mean a 1,300 ambush? / “@50Pips 94 the first barrier” posted early this morning and still in play as key for now

[09:21] E: i think this is chop and dice day


Golf courses, houses, intense focus and expertise… and head fakes with straw men… knocking in 60 foot putts not too bad either…

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