Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Holiday Hangover

Chart Patterns

Pre-market, when you were thinking about “where can we go today“, what came to mind?


Longs; recent trend up, undoubtedly over done, but can become more so. First of the month bias up, last 5 days up eighty points.


Shorts against trend, so plunge unlikely.

Traders still on Holiday, interns running the show. Five minute blue line is horizontal, suggesting range / consolidation likely. Don’t over trade.


Summer is here. Enjoy it, don’t fight it.

We need time to recharge our batteries.


The Market was behaving like a drunken sailor today. Hungover, lifeless, ramblin’.

“If 28 holds, longs win… and they can goose it again overnight with little volume as resistance.”

Market just hit 1340.75.

There’s a gap basis the September contract at 1340.

Party on.


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