Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

I Want to Know…

Risk and Reward

I want to know…


Why the Bears so Bearish?

Why the Bulls so Bullish?


Why traders want to beat their brains out guessing every little wiggle during lunch?

If we have to work hard to figure out what today’s “logical trade” is, then better exercise caution.

Hit and run. Think small bites. Accumulate capital. Avoid choppy, mid range low volume squeezes during lunch.

Assume the short side will be more challenging. Posts explained why.

Why does that give the Bulls a free pass in this environment to stampede and scream “higher”.


We had multiple trades today for scalps and day trades.

We especially liked fading the lunch trap… and the chart (sanitized) spoke volumes to us.

Yeehaa’s were flying as the magic of a trade idea that comes to life unfolds before our eyes.

Lucky guess?

No doubt.

Educated? Absolutely.


One of our new traders said “My head hurts.”  We had a webinar during quiet time to help new members get started. The focus was on finding simplicity within complexity.

Thank you Mr Market for helping us with our lesson.


A reminder this is not about “tooting our own horn”.

It is about developing a plan that takes all of the vast data available, sifting through it swiftly to create low risk, medium to high reward opportunities.

Re-evaluate plan and align it with reality.

Avoid lunch chop, then find another high probability trade as we”let the trade come to us“. Shout it out… webinar showed the megaphone pattern possibly developing, targets identified.

Capture; aggressive traders re enter for the gap fill, angel test, new day low as sweeper for all the “long and wrong” crowd.

Dedicated traders, sharing and helping each other, day after day.

Rewarding finish for patient, lucky traders.


Lazy River One

Rapids Two


From the sound track “Long Road Home”, I want to know…

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