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If I Had My Way…

Stop Losses

Ranting about the Boyz tactics is fun, but not profitable.


Recognize their footprints, anticipate their next steps is the key.


In this market, risk is abundant. Reward is also, if we get it right. In the old days, with much narrower ranges, damage wasn’t too bad if it ran against us. Now, with 35/50 point swings, we need to be very concerned about runaway trains against us.


I am fairly conservative as a trader. Easier to stay alive that way. We identify ways to play if aggressive or conservative.

What is your idea of today’s conservative trade?

  • Sell a new high during IB
  • Close eyes and buy the open
  • Buy the 07/ 08 pullback
  • None of the above…don’t play today


How about Aggressive trades?

  • Buy the 05 area pre market
  • Buy the 10 area pre market
  • Sell the 16 /marginal high IB
  • None of the above


“If I had my way”. We do… have that choice, each and every day.

I suggested to aggressive longs buy the 10/11 pre market to knock out the 16. We can control risk, but not risk and reward.


[08:04]  E: looks like the Boyz have an agenda today

Target is 21 to 23.25.

[08:15]  E: 23.5 is a target long side today if we bust 16

[08:15]  E: just above the xx at 21

[09:34] E: and the 21/23 targets

Let’s try marginal high idea…not really a conservative trade since we made a new high… but at least better risk and reward idea after the market is open a few minutes. Sidelines for conservative traders…looking for a reasonable time and price to buy the pullback.

“One good trade a day is all we need.”


The 15 minute bar overnight said we have an agenda.

Best chart is the 15 globex, keep an eye there today.


And hearts would come alive instead of breaking


When charts are in synch, we need to accept a few points of risk.


That’s just the way it works.

Nothing for free.


No one would believe that a lie was true…


The double at 1205 was support til broken. Yesterday’s 1204.25 was now support… and by keeping shorts on the hook…maintaining a series of higher lows… the squeeze can continue.

[08:07]  E: so that dbl at 05 is first south side support right now


Above the Blue line is support… too stretched , it needs to return to it.

Angels would appear


Avoiding trouble was the major theme today.

Children would be cherished


Confidence without being stubborn is the key. Find a logical place to trade or pass.

Hope would never perish


No risk, no reward.

Faith would not be tried…


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Having fun, reducing stress is important. Guess how I do it…

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Extended family is important to me…


A beautiful message sung by one of the most talented singers alive…

If I had my way…

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