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Inside Job

Money Management

Today was an inside day.

Some of our traders labeled it inside job.

Amazing how one thought leads to another, like dominoes falling.


The market was really slow today, and we advised hit and run trading, assuming the market might be waiting for the FOMC minutes.

Being Monday, we like to wait a few minutes to let the first battle clear out, then give the half gap/gap play a shot.

Why Not?


Mixed  bias this morning for us. Beginning of the month bias long; market structure high, so neutral.

Scalping for hit and run type trading.


Lots of time to talk, so real estate to politics to trading was all fair game.

Charts in play were identified, and it was tedious trading.

I advised no edge for lunchtime trading, stay out.

When the market tipped it’s hand, we advised shooting for the 26 to 25 target, then leave the party as we were at our theoretical support of 24.

Longs that took support were advised out by 29.5 and 31 (Demon at 30.75).


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09:35 E: market is trying to test 32 33 09:36 E: 2nd entry may be safer 09:53 E: bingo take off by the gap and re enter if want #EMWS

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10:03 E: bread and butter high odds trades 10:03 E: like half gap and gap … find edge and give it a shot #EMWS

RT @RenaTrader: stone for April is the diamond. Make a girl happy, say how much you love her by giving her a large diamond. :) /play ball !

Rena  RT @vkligys: @eminiwizard Long CUBIC ZIRCONIA >>c’mon folks, where’s the romanticism, the glamor? LOL

RT @themosmitsos: @RenaTrader @eminiwizard Guaranteed bankruptcy if u gift-give that way. Unles using Bush-Bama math 😛 / fuzzy logic #EMWS

@vkligys @RenaTrader lol nice vacation has to count for something, no?

RT @JeffreyLin: hanging with @eminiplayer was refreshing. re-inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit. positive influences / nice post #EMWS

RT @CGinthehouse: @Nirav777 Now E is going to put that he is a student of badgirls and badboys. hahaha! #EMWS /tf chart   :)

RT @themosmitsos: @RenaTrader @eminiwizard Guaranteed bankruptcy if u gift-give that way. Unles using Bush-Bama math 😛 / fuzzy logic #EMWS


The Criminal Handbook was discussed… Alan Greenspan’s name was mentioned more than once…

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