Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Maxwell House

Chart Patterns

[07:48]  Zeek411: looking for short entry
[07:48]  Zeek411: half gap and gap play and MATD play
[08:00]  E: 22.5 as resistance for now


Why is 1298 a potential target?
Step by step, jumping out the window and looking for the landing pad
All members who got the answer right know exactly how we calculated that measure and why.
Partial targets along the way, along with sequence trading ideas kept us busy and productive today.

[09:40]  E: my preference align with ss til doesnt work
[09:41]  E: and be prepared to accept stop out
[09:41]  E: then try from higher
[09:43]  E: this 16 is the first time back at the blue line
[09:45]  E: 16.25 is xxx magnet
[09:45]  E: so that lines up with our blue line
[09:51]  E: the 16 entry is resistance

[09:53]  E: then use the 14 as resist
[09:56]  E: target is the  ff 8.25
[09:58]  E: under 1316 i like short side
[10:41]  E: is this a license to print money or what?

[10:44]  E: 1304 is t2 ff

[12:11]  E: yeehaa
[12:11]  E: our member poll this morning is why is 98 a potential target? / [12:04] E: off by the 02 smart … just trail all u can do

[12:12]  E: guessing support 98
[12:12]  E: now that’s what i am talkin about

[12:26]  E: yeehaa day

[12:55]  E: IF we break the 1300.25

[12:55]  E: then must get past 98

[13:00] TC 89: you’re calling a good game catcher!


[13:18]  E: if u are not jumping up and down saying “i get it”
[13:19]  E: something wrong

[13:19]  E: all out at 98 97.75 but the trail

[13:24]  Ze: what a system
[13:24] TC 89: and we got the cokroach signal

[13:24]  777: yes sir very nice system

[13:25]  777: only taken me 1 year to get it…

[13:25]  777: ‘I get it’

[13:25]  Ze: now the bounce

[13:46]  E: good possibility low is in for the day

[13:24]  Ze: ty E

[14:05] VK: Thanks for going over that. Always good to re-enforce concepts.

[15:23] TC 89: …wasn’t that maxwell smart?
[15:23] TC 89: loved the shoe phone
[15:24] TC 89: first cell phone!

If you’re smart, enjoy Maxwell House… then get out of the way

[15:29] TC 89: goodnight guys and good luck
[15:30] TC 89: thank you E
[15:30] Nirav 777: coming up on piker hour
[15:43] GT 22: You move so fast it’s hard to keep up. I know that is frustrating to the traders that have been here a long time and have the system down
[15:43] GT 22: But not fair to them?
[15:44] VK: Those traders know how to use the mute button
[15:44] GT 22: But this system works

[15:55]  E: best to leave it be now
[15:56]  E: no more trades
[15:56]  E: if u shorted the 12 resistance
[15:56]  E: trail is all


RT @eminiplayer: From yesterday’s $ES_F Notes for Overnight Session: “We have Support at 1314-1316, and Resistance at 1320-1322”

angel test is 13.5 behind the gap

[09:56] E: target is the ff 8.25

any more is good fortune

E: [10:03] 777: really like to to come to1305 and go the other way E: [10:03] E: u can have it at 1305 if u give it to me from 1316

E: [10:03] E: fair deal …. lunch coming T2 is 04 today trailers only here

our member poll this morning is why is 98 a potential target? / [12:04] E: off by the 02 smart … just trail all u can do

RT @brasil61: They must be going ape shit over on Slope Of Hope..finally Christmas.. / lol

when we get near a big target… we use it as support for profit taking [12:12] E: guessing support 98

@RedbridgeCapitL @TraderSmarts lol thanks for rt that was funny

say yeehaaa 98 hit

can go to any low today

(We think is an important target but acknowledge that we are “guessing at this time and price” for profit taking bounce)

retest ib retest targ is hit and out by 8.75 advised for our longs … trail only remains

our natural targ from the 98 low support is 11.75 for trailers to test the demon 11.5 rth

[13:46] E: good possibility low is in for the day… so we advised shorts to be careful with scalps

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