Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

No Time …

The System

Symmetry trade completes at 1338.25.

High was 1337.75.

If we cannot draw lines with a crayon, we probably wont be successful in this business.


I saw a popular poster targeting 39, another the 42 area.

All possible.

I faded that idea.


That was topic of discussion, among other things in our room today.

Markets are complex, not just a bunch of numbers.

We had a good run for the week long; it was time for weeklies to take profits… and for the longs who lost all respect for gap fills to be trapped, in my opinion.

Risk reward said why wait for two 2 tics?


The symmetry target was posted in last night’s blog.

Hope it helped you.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate… for my Jewish friends…best to you as well.


Get your motor runnin’   B2BW  #EMWS

there’s still time to change the road you’re on … to be a rock and not to roll …

@TraderSmartsno doubt… manage risk and next … great attitude T nite all #EMWS

breathless …. gm all   #EMWS

RT @nikkyd: @eminiwizardbreath-less or breath-test? GM / rofl gm @50Pips @yeeron #EMWS

symmetry shorts capture seed capital b4 news #EMWS

08:35 E: out all but trailer 32.5 #EMWS

08:01 E: and 38.25 was the symmetry target as posted yesterday 08:02 E: 32.75 is angel #EMWS

RT @LaffingTrader: ewwww the champ takes a hard right to the nose, he’s wobbled! / lol

09:43 E: half gap 30.88 09:43 E: take something #EMWS

RT @zlmtb: #ft71philly fed & leading indicators on the hour / ty for reminder #EMWS

RT @MissTrade: ES ran 48 pts in 3 days not bad work by the boys in Timmay’s office considering sh ortened holiday week. Bonus Time! / #EMWS

RT @FXDIRK: Happy Easter #FF / thank u and back at u :) #EMWS

Thanks to all the great traders on twitter who are willing to share ideas…10:02 E: go play golf Happy Easter to those who celebrate #EMWS

@LoyalTrader thanks for the chart #EMWS

our bias was short early … git ‘er done expect volume to dry up as traders leave early #EMWS

@LionShare_ES :) thanks LS #EMWS

@GICfutures @RenaTrader @Tranquil_One @LionShare_ES @celtic_mist thanks all for #FF much appreciated be well and enjoy long weekend #EMWS

Guess who? No time….

@rbachart017 @Marketrend best to u and time to put charts away for a few days #EMWS

10:04 E: use 35 resistance still … worked all day for those who played… #EMWS

@GICfutures @dulcevida thanks guys #EMWS


Thanks to all who take the time to interact… very much appreciated


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