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Noah’s Ark

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No lie, It seems like it has been raining here for forty-days and forty nights…

Not to be confused with the doppelganger,  a tornado touched down today near my Alma mater where the peach basket was hung.

A serious student of the market would want to ask him or herself this question: “Should I wait until it starts raining to build the Ark?”
Ants already know the answer to that one.

There is nothing really that needs to be said other than what was stated in the member room and a few posts on twitter.

Pain was found by Thelma and Louise,  the buy the dip crowd, who thought that 10 or 15 or 18 points was good enough for the low.


Ripping through the hearts of the longs like a tornado, today was any day low day.

I don’t recommend we fade them and suggested to longs if they did play, better honor their stops.

The Picture of Power said why would you buy?

Every short side target was hit, and then some.

Vader made a great post: “Flashy”.

Flashing red lights all over the place, and I am just not good enough to see a reason to buy in a day like today.


Sweeper move overnight, and I think we are testing for support. Too many on twitter think long… I vote for the short side. Hitting bounces, and high odds half gap trade resistance.

Kuvala calmly asked if it was the umbrella pattern. I said yes on the 5, no on the 30.

By days end it was raining cats and dogs on all of them.

Nice call Kuvala. You have been disciplined lately, and it is showing. :)


The stopped clock traders had every right to keep guessing lows. Normally, the market won’t move this far in one day.

Today was just one of those days that reminds us it is possible.

Egregious target of 10.75 actually showed up by one of our methods. I dismissed it as unlikely… shows you how little I know.








4Q’s continues to annoy traders, and I don’t know why. He is welcome to post on the #EMWS stream…as long as he is not belligerent. He is not forcing us to buy into his methodology; that is a choice open to all of us.

He did get it right again, didn’t he?

Two day’s in a row… (actually 1 tic shy of the 48 target he had). Good enough for gov’t work, good enough for me.

I will address conflict resolution in another post. Let me just say that there are always two sides to every story. (Actually three versions : mine, yours, and the Truth.) The more energy we give something, the more it controls us.

Noteworthy that some posters, including team members, were more interested in stopping 4Q rather than interact with my dialogue.

In all fairness, I understand their position too, where someone comes into my stream and imposes his method on EMWS without once saying “nice call, maybe I can learn something from you”.


The weekend post was about Peace.

I try to live congruent with my beliefs.

‘Nuff said.


Speaking of choices, couldn’t decide whether to use Tom or John.

Tom was the obvious choice, along with his heart breakers.


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