Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


Risk and Reward

Reflecting on the day’s market activity, it’s a wonder how anyone can maintain our sanity when trying to make sense of it.


I was about 16 and at a carnival when I realized that I was being swindled and that con artists are everywhere.

I was a good athlete, and was showing off to a young lady how good I was at knocking down the cupie dolls and winning a few prizes.

Did this guy ever see me coming…

“Step right up” he barked. “It’s easy. Miss it going away and hit it coming back.”

This was the bowling ball hanging on a chain, and we had to knock one (only one !) pin over.

So easy, he even gave me a few practice tries.

After a few easy strikes…

“Are you ready? $1 and you can win any of these prizes on the top shelf…”


To that young lady with me, “wink, wink”.


$10 later, I walked away a beaten man.


He moved the pin a few inches away from where it was previously located, when I bowled like Don Carter.

Evidently the laws of physics made it impossible to repeat that simple task.


Sometimes the market seems that way… what should be a cakewalk is ridiculously difficult. To go from 95 to 92 is only 3 measly points away… then it seems no one is interested in it anymore…

I try to remember that target… because the Long Way Home trade says “I remember now… we want to go there.”

Zeek affectionately calls it the Wrecking Ball Trade.

Whatever we call it, “Yeehaa”.

The smoke and mirrors distorts our vision, so we need a system that allows us to filter out the noise and see the truth.

For me, our system of dynamic pivots helps us stay focused on those critical inches that make all the difference.

Miss it going and hit it coming back.






Hot off the press , market says outta here and ask questions later.


Be a Lover of the market…not a fighter… – Ernie Roseman

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