Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


The System

The march in September has been relentless.

The low was made early Monday, and we have achieved a series of higher highs every single day.

Fact or fiction: is there any conviction?

Who knows, step by step, opportunities abound every day.

Pre market.

Retest of the 77/78 bo held.


I believed in the power of the long side today. Intuition said trust me, we are going to print 1202+ before the day is over, and probably near 1206.25.


The swings I could see coming, almost like x ray vision.


Sometimes we just “feel the rhythm”; many times not so lucky.





What’s wrong with UBS, no risk management system?


Twitter is unusually quiet. Not much banter, retweets, etc.

Doing my best to educate our traders, one day at a time.

The team working to help each other, day after day.

1208.75 hit after hours already.


We can join the winning team, or fight them. Above the blue line and pink line…

Man, you ought to see her fly…

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