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Rubber Band Theory

Money Management

The slingshot day played out in all its glory.

32 support, angel at 37. 62.5 as guessing resistance (Gap closed). Op ex can create  nasty swings… accept stop outs.

Aqueduct trades were seen as relevant today, so we worked off that theory.

We talked about The General’s webinar yesterday with Brad Sullivan… I was impressed by the content and demeanor of a true professional. Actually, both of them. FH continues to offer quality education for free, and affordable daily guidance.

In my opinion there are many professionals out there who offers services…but few who consistently give before they take.


We reviewed a number of his key thoughts he was kind enough to share.

I was more interested in his risk control ideas… as Pop used to say “any idiot can get in a car and go 90 miles an hour on snowy and icy roads, and many do. It’s the stopping and control part that is the problem.”

If you haven’t checked it out, you might want to when you have  some time.

Brad talked about his Rubber Band Theory, among other things.

I call it a slingshot.


It’s a bit late, as we visited family and just got back.

The market has dumped to 45 and below, and I am surprised a little. I saw 52 as the trigger to test the 48 then possibly 43.25/42 return to the scene of the crime idea.

E: 43.25 RTH angel test  op ex games, daily still in a triangle… jesse L and bucket shop trade lives on #EMWS


I took a walk after the morning session, was surprised to see the breakout running so hard.  I told the team to relax. Don’t over trade.

Still not used to this new rhythm of larger lunch ranges. With expansion coming in the daily range, it is inevitable that it has to come from somewhere.


RT @HamzeiAnalytics: so the question becomes where is SPX 900 guy ?? ROFLMAO / under giant stadium with jimmy hoffa? #EMWS

FH : @eminiwizard no sire, we have a visual — he is flipping burgers at Murmansk Officers Club

FH : @eminiwizard weather forecast for Murmansk 18 F tonight — a slight change from FL Keys

Fla keys here i come … forget the tundra lol #EMWS “too old for the cold”





Time to relax….

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