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Sad Sack


Sad Sack

[08:03]  E: so i think theta burn continues

[08:32] ba: I see ur 15.75 got hit overniteZeek. nice call

[08:33]  E: yes zeek nailed the retest
[08:33]  E: nq works too…  NQ also conforms nicely to patterns..
[08:34]  E: previous support/resistance move
[08:34]  E: first time usually holds


[08:54]  Zeek411: this like being caught in a sad cartoon
[08:54]  E: lol
[08:54]  E: sad sack
[08:54]  Zeek411: deny reality until you can’t anymore
[08:57]  E: lol

sad eyes, turn the other way


Premise today was more theta burn. Trap one side, then trap the other. Go no place.

[12:12]  E: say yeehaa

[12:35]  E: we said likely bounce 92 support as profit taking

The Boyz take the liberty of squeezing, but you knew that already, right? See the ebb and flow of the market… it is rare not to swing back and forth.

[13:12]  E: day low is in i think

The nature of competition is  to do battle, not be a one sided contest.

[14:48]  E: 16 resist til broken

[14:48]  E: and market has reversed


you knew there’d come a day

when we would have to say ‘goodbye’


Eminiplayer : @eminiwizard Thx for the RT e, hope all’s well on your end.

Twitter Talk


Use stop losses, try again at another level.

I don’t wanna see you cry…

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