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Santa’s Sleigh Ride

Risk and Reward

Santa went out for an early morning ride today.

Rudolph was doing great leading the way, but Donner and Blitzen ran out of gas late morning. The whole team of reindeer came plunging back, looking like the Grinch riding into Whooville.


We took a poll, solely on my intuition.

When the market sat at 20.5 deciding, we asked : what would it take for you to become more bearish and think reversal? #EMWS

1) another day, not today 2) break 16 3) break 12 4 ) other …. #EMWS

Unpektable : RT : 2E: if u answered “another day, not today, you miss the idea of having a mind open to all possibilities” #EMWS


Options expiration makes trading even more challenging.

Developing a theme helps.

We thought unwind shorts first, then pullback in regression style.

It is a pattern we have noticed lately…

…and the deeper charts were all suggesting that resistance was overhead, like Santa trying to climb out of a chimney.

The question , of course, was how significant would the pullback be. My first thought was test the 25/26 zone, mess up all the early shorts. I posed this question to my members. It was options expiration, so anything could happen.

I drew a few blue lines on the chart, and said we could do this, showing the 8.5 target. I am not making any predictions, just be aware of the potential…


Some Holiday gifts…

Power Bars.

The gift of sight… but we need hindsight first to learn.

@Cubs10 we thought unwind shorts first 26/28 as resistance for the pb… luck was breaking 15 #EMWS

Happy Holidays to all.


I am taking a break from posting blogs until after the New Year, and our trading chat room will also resume then.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday season filled with love, laughter, and family.


Thanks to all who have been so kind to have supported our efforts through #FF, retweets, and including my posts in your newsletters.






A special thanks to Eric for this kind post in our member area.

[16:18] Eric .: Thank you E for all of dedication to your team and trading. You do all of us a great service each and every day. Your teachings are one of the best out there and by far exceed any expectations. Merry Christmas and God Bless to you and your family.

[16:19]  E: thanks so much eric :)

[16:19]  E: i love what i am doing

[16:19] Eric .: you’re welcome

[16:19] Eric .: you can tell

[16:19]  E: :)


1208 target hit …

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