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Slingsh*t Day

Art of Trading

[08:03]  E: sweeper move


[08:05]  E: note how that 56 has become rotational pivot as we thought it might


[08:06]  E: Boyz are artists

[08:08]  E: sweeper move knocks out the shorts

[08:08]  E: goes without them

[08:58]  E: 44 is target today


[09:04]  E: @eminiwizard is the sweeper move the big boys taking out the longs be for they run it ??? if not can u please explain ??

[09:04]  E: @tradetime99 they knock out position shorts then go short without them on higher high #EMWS

[09:06]  E: 55/56 have been tested several times still seems to be defended by shorts


[09:35] E: and slingshot available today from new lows that sweep out early longs [09:35] E: trail only for the 44 45 test #EMWS

[09:49]  E: but i think we get slingshot later


Our belief?

Market would also do the sweeper on the early longs then go without them, now catching late shorts.

[10:32]  Zeek411: slingshot trade may be in progress


Too many ideas to post… with rollover a lot more work to do tonight.

Hope the comments helped… we give away too much info.

Room callers at $250 to $450 + monthly wont give you as much as we give for free.

Technically, we don’t make calls… we teach the system live.


And now, a word from our sponsor

(Hint: This would make a nice Holiday gift…)

@CGinthehouse : @eminiwizard great call this morning (as usual) #emws

Thanks CG, and terrific video you posted on the dx for members today.

Our advanced students like CG already applying the system to many other vehicles.

CG is in charge of marketing… let her know of your needs.

Now  time to put my humility back in perspective before Mr market puts me in my place.


[10:10] Kuva La: E..slingshots usually comes from lower low or it can come from anywhere ?

[10:10]  E: lower low  is the most devious


[10:39]  E: just do it #EMWS no one needs guru just need common sense, discipline some capital, decent system and a bit of courage


Charts and posts tell the story.

Grease is the word.

Cinch worm … or How The Grinch stole Christmas from the shorts.

Ten for ten.

Annie singing tomorrow.

Gap trade short side

Thirty already in sight.








Santa’s Elves were bakin’ again overnight


Manipulators are out in full force, and all I can say is use stops.

P.S. : 1400 ticks didn’t have to cap the high today but it did… and was nice signal… “double tops come first” , but you knew that…

If not, well…
Cry, Baby, Cry…

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