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Smoke and Mirrors Day


The Boyz continue to do what they do best: confuse everyone with smoke and mirrors.

[09:57]  Zeek411: not everyone
[09:57]  E: lol

Remember when xx wanted the 1400 target? after originally wanting 900?

I said I thought we needed more time back and filling… we went up way too fast…

Even the Taylor cycle Boyz got it wrong…


[09:55] Kuva La: i don’t know what those 1400 callers are saying now..

E: “Many traders are still believing in the Santa rally…chasers now further underwater”


[08:52]  E: what is true range overnight?


As usual, a tough day if we weren’t up at 3 a.m.

Hitting bounces was our first idea, as the market already had demonstrated weakness.

The problem of course, is we have to be aggressive to play these days.

We are not given an edge when we have to short the lows or buys highs in the opening few minutes of RTH.

Stolen range days are tough enough… but when we have a Holiday week, the action needs to be compressed because  the market will thin out early this week.


Our premise was hit bounces, test 1182 if we broke the overnight low, and major targets were 87.75 and 83.5, according to our system.

If we broke the 82 area, then the mid 70’s were available.

[11:02]  E: trailers is all at 83/82
[11:02]  E: zeek had 81 as poss too

[07:59]  Zeek411: breaks and we are looking at boys 1185-1151 fun zone


Odds said that the bounce would come at lunch… it was marginal at best, but the gotcha bar mirrored the IB gotcha bar and te afternoon was the charm for the long side.

I chose 98 as resistance for our team, suggesting that it could break and squeeze, but I doubted it.

No guru here, just a humble student… like you, trying to figure things out.

Tony at Tradersmarts posted a really nice article, sharing his thoughts.

So did Bill.

Follow this smoke screen, according to Zeek.


Zeek’s rants are truly loaded with facts, opinions, emotion. He is fundamentally sound, as well as technically savvy.

[13:12]  Zeek411: now the argument that you have to raise taxes and revenue is just a ruse to gain their advantage and legitimize what they have done

[13:13]  Zeek411: The administration is a sham and cover for their true plans, to socialize American and make themselves ruling despots

[13:14]  Zeek411: it is cynical and evil, but what else would you expect from a bunch of marxists and I don’t mean the Marx Brothers









Thanks to all who #FF me on Friday, very much appreciated…


Old friends are important to me…

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