Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Squeeeeeze Machine

Risk and Reward

What a day.

The only way the boyz get it higher is by squeezing; that has been their mo forever.

Mo turns into momo when it repeats.

Pete and repeat.


Don’t try and make sense of this market.

Understand basic principles, be conservative. If playing a contra, be nimble and don’t expect much.

Anything I missed?

Oops… remember not to turn your back on the Boyz.


Some traders got the late day breakout.

We saw the trade mechanics developing… but not my style to play late day Friday. Catch a contra, accept stop outs on trailers, leave it be.


The market seems tired, but that alone is no reason to short the market.

I fully expected a print in the low to mid 60’s today.

Call it intuition, whatever… it just seemed that the Boyz have an agenda… and we are fodder for their squeeze machine.

That feeling I tried to convey with my first post of the day “Make Me”.

Last post of the day yesterday…61.5 target (that was my minimum expectation).


There are many little trades we try to guess throughout the day; and normally for risk/reward we like a significant contra like today’s late afternoon profit taking dip.

The half gap and gap trade (from a reasonable distance) we also liked.

The mechanics of all of these trades are explained and discussed  in detail with members as the day progresses.

Well in advance expected targets and support are identified, as the trade logic and risk reward is constantly being evaluated.


While I think the market is tired and in need of a pullback, I have learned to respect the Blue line. On a number of time frames, not just the small ones.

This was the last day of April trading, note the bogus 63.5 close had a settlement of 1359.75.

Like I said, don’t turn your back on the Boyz.

Nice work if we can get it.


07:58  E: xxxx    Looking for a PB tomorrow. 50% expansion target hit on ES. Time for a retest of whats below 1335-1340. Getter done boyz. #FT71 #EMWS
07:58  E: RT xx: Looking for a PB tomorrow…Time for a retest1335-1340.Getter done boyz. #FT71 #EMWS / step by step ty 61.5 available

RT @budfox9: @eminiwizard @xxx @eminiwizard @xxx lets get those 15- 20 points done in 2 hours so i can hit the margaritas a little early ! / lol #EMWS

SE1_CM #FF @HamzeiAnalytics @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard #futures #trading

Celtic Mist :#FF @Ancient_Warrior @FXstorm @caseystubbs @tradercisco @Deano5050 @eminiwizard @gavrilfx

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Bama :Great #Futures $ES_F Follows #FF @RenaTrader @TraderCRM @eminiplayer @TraderSmarts @Eminiwizard @MissTrade @MrTopStep @LionShare_ES

fun range overnight … #EMWS

SE1_CM @celtic_mist thank u for the #FF and have a great day #EMWS

two reports first half hour don’t get caught with positions u dont want #EMWS

50 P  two reports first half hour don’t get caught with positions u dont want #EMWS

ditto @eminiwizard you too thanks E!

@BamaTrader @RenaTrader @brasil61 @50Pips thanks all play well :) #EMWS

Bama @eminiwizard Have a great on E-wiz, the best back to you.

faaal  #FF ?*? @gaboca71 @themarketsniper @DailyFXTeam @Fullcarry @AriCostello @bored2tears @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard @Marketrend @FXDIRK

09:32 E: be careful of potential for squeeze 09:32 E: prior to first report #EMWS

10:35 E: that was fun lol applications being taken at walmart for sr greeters 3.5 pt range IB

08:17 E: looking for the 55 as key today 08:22 E: but i think some print in the 60’s #EMWS

RT @midget_666: Best trading day ever / wtg tiny1 #EMWS

Risk Manager #FF @HamzeiAnalytics @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard @TraderSmarts @MissTrade @eminiplayer @jsfalvo @CGinthehouse <<== Genuinely Smart Traders

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tiny1  @eminiwizard tks E :) #EMWS

@jotuk6771 @Risk_Manager_NY thank u for the #FF very much appreciated #EMWS

Yeeron : #FF @eminiwizard @millerdon @Maven__ @RenaTrader @BamaTrader @mrtopstep @vader7X @FuturesTrader71 @TraderSmarts @LionShare_ES

RT @Nirav777: RT @Legacy_Trades: *NEW SERVICE* first sample. Enjoy. // ROFL / r u making fun of my charts? #EMWS

@eminiwizard I haven’t been able to hack your members area yet so I’ve yet to see your $ES_F crayon offerings but I know your work is good.

@Legacy_Trades rofl thank u #EMWS

13:35 E: r1 60.88 today 13:10 E: 61/62 poss resist #EMWS

Jedi :RT @eminiwizard @Legacy_Trades: *NEW SERVICE* first sample. // r u making fun of my charts? TA

RT @CGinthehouse: Back from vacation, kids back in school Mond WTF bears! /nice of u to come back 2 work #EMWS

RT @Jediphone: RT @eminiwizard @Legacy_Trades: *NEW SERVICE* // r u making fun of my charts? TA: / lol jedi #EMWS

777 RT @eminiwizard: RT @Nirav777: RT @Legacy_Trades: // ROFL / r u making fun of my charts?// spagetti…. #EMWS

@Nirav777 ROFL / r u making fun of my charts?// spagetti…. #EMWS / have a nice weekend 7 price is right for gold?

777  @eminiwizard gold is heating up, but moving into a time when it makes the seasonal high… risk to the long side at some point, but when?

CG:  @gurughantal @eminiwizard Glad to know I was missed. Thanks!

RT @eminiplayer: Cash is a position. not enough Reward to Risk, sit tight, or call it a day start weekend early / 09:45 E: chopfest #EMWS

07:58 E: RT @xx: Looking for a PB tomorrow…Time for a retest1335-1340 #FT71 #EMWS / step by step ty 61.5 available // risk / reward

13:35 E: r1 60.88 today 13:46 E: should get a pb this afternoon 13:46 E: can turn anytime 14:38 E: if u are trailer long #EMWS

14:44 E: market is tired 14:44 E: all day to squeeze to 61 15:02 E: so dont get too fancy should test 58.5 and more is good fortune #EMWS

777 Let’s kill it next week! #FF @Midget_666, @eminiwizard, @vader7x @50Pips @RenaTrader ,@Legacy_Trades , @westlead @SequenceTrader

GIC Futures #FF To all @FuturesTrader71 @RobSpainTrading @RenaTrader @eminiwizard @dulcevida @benkotrader @traderCRM @tradercube @BamaTrader @donaldT44

Bama : RT E :  lol we said pikers will get their dues if 57 holds boyz are good cannot fight the machine when contra stalls game over #EMWS

15 min players know where support is #EMWS

t2 was 64.25 surprised the boyz didn’t hit that but too late i think #EMWS

@BamaTrader ty bama … after 4 pm market moves as much in 15 mins as it did the whole IB…. squeeze machine at work #EMWS

i am conservative trader and dont play those moves… scalp contra go flat day done … #EMWS

many times we can see the trade but timing late day etc just makes it hard to play if u are conservative #EMWS

have nice weekend all :) #EMWS

@BamaTrader @Nirav777 @GICfutures @CGinthehouse @Jediphone @Legacy_Trades @yeeron @midget_666 @jotuk6771 @Risk_Manager_NY ty all

Bama : @eminiwizard The boyz want the market up and by gosh they’ll have it up. Central Planning never rests. Have a great weekend EWiz. $$

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