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Stolen Range

Risk and Reward

The crooks oops  I mean Boyz were at it again.


Hangover after Options expiration…

The huge gap down made it important to understand that over staying the short side after the IB was not a good idea.

We suggested to our traders that they could play both sides, and that Greece was a wild card.

Hit bounces. Expect them to be for scalps, and assume the low was in.

Stolen ranges make it imperative to understand where likely support (or resistance) is to come in. It is usually sooner than you think.

The 82 gap was closed, likely target zone was 80.25 to 82.25. Mid fighting zone was overcome late day by the Bulls, in classic fashion, and the half gap target of 1201 was easily hit, with a few more shekels to spare.

We suggested to longs they were the ones now being egregious late day, and if they didn’t capture profits they were nuts.

Doing this blog, and currently that late day pb has retraced to 88.5 already.

Any low is possible overnight, as already posted on Twitter. 85, 82 zone still important below us.


91 Points straight up requires backing and filling, in my opinion. Still doing that.

Oops. 85.5 hit. Angel test.







Rumors have it that he has left the building…

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