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Manny Pulation was a guest who joined us today in our chat room.

If you are a student of the market, he is probably no stranger to you.


He showed up early, noticing some unusual moves pre-market.

“Better buy pullbacks today, we’re going higher.”

Rangers were stranded at the platform when the train took off at the half gap  78.25.


Half gap trade is valid, but I think the play is long side… and Primary trade is for the 86 test.

Remember that one last Friday?

Anytime we can locate visual reference points on a chart, it helps us substantiate trade ideas.


Vytis :  RT @eminiwizard: Kudos to #FT71 great call last Friday seeing this 91 neighborhood for retesting mon or tues great bias and direction #EMWS


A great trader and friend recently asked me how come many of the top traders never say anything about other traders calls.

“Ego I think” was my reply.

I have no Ego problem. I acknowledge great calls when I notice them.

I am not in competition with anyone; It does not diminish me to give support to someone else.

Happy to fly under the radar and pick the brains of great traders.


“If we want to learn something new, we need to be the dumbest person in the room.”


Trend days are our best friends when we read it right early and just let it play out.

Momo train, like 777 in last night’s post.


We did a webinar in house this afternoon.

We covered a lot of territory, including the major premises of  conceptual theory, then determining market structure and risk management.

Education is key, along with discipline, capital, probabilities, and risk/reward considerations.

Did I mention skills?

Late day targets were hit, although I voted for “enough” by 4 pm. Targets were there above us, but it seemed unwise to push the envelope to push the envelope after a great day.


Jotuk 6771 : fx-panorama, le Journal is out!  ? Top stories today via @neo761 @farostradingllc @rodneyforex @eminiwizard



By the way… don’t expect a post or a lot of chatter from me tomorrow… I know what’s good for me and it’s not hangin’ around the market…


Hey, why not…

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