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The Map is Not the Territory

Chart Patterns

Steven Covey popularized the notion of differentiating the map from the territory.

Many people forget that subtle distinction.


“Why do Italian window washers charge double to do the first floor windows?”


Do you understand, O People of my Land?


Like an off’ shore breeze on Twitter land,

Swiftly, The Winds of  Time

will blow away

the footprints of my mind.


What is our legacy? What do we want remembered about us years from now?

Why did it have to be snakes?


We spent Father’s Day weekend in glorious SUNshine.

Drove an hour to Greenwich Saturday, watched George play T Ball, and had a fabulous brunch that Jen made for us. The twins are getting big, hard to believe it’s already my turn to be “Grandpa.”

As a former teacher, I would have liked to see the kids get more “time on task”. Lots of standing around, waiting for their turn. At 4 years old, they need skills, and that comes from playing, not from touching the ball once and swinging the bat twice in an hour.

Breaking the teams down into smaller groups; say 6 teams of four players each would have guaranteed more practice for every boy and girl. Wouldn’t need more than home plate and first base. Years ago I ran a recreation department, I know it can be done.

Who needs outfielders when the kids can’t get the ball out of the infield?

Who needs 4 bases, located 60 feet apart when the kids are tinier than midget 666?


One of the curse’s of being older is thinking we know it all, that our way is better. Sorry, didn’t mean to be critical.


“The Wisdom of experience is like a comb that life gives us after we have lost all our hair.”


Went to our other’ daughter’s home Sunday for more festivities. We brought my mom along, and were invited to participate in an old-fashioned painting party.  They, along with the bank, own a wonderful old Victorian home that is not unlke the house featured in the Money Pit.

Lucy is now 27 months old, and Nina started to crawl today, at 7 months old. Nina has Pop’s Blue Eyes.

We ordered Summer pie from Miniverni’s, and enjoyed it with Captain Morgan and coke.

Summer pie is Pizza with fresh garlic, tomatoes, and basil. I like mine with red sauce and mutz.

Dropping that off a ladder would be a waste of a good pie.


I rigged up a contraption like Macgyver would have done. The exterior walls of their home extend up about twenty feet. We had extension poles and were rolling along, but the top half was tough, even standing on ladders. Standing on tippy toes leaves little leverage, like the open of the market last Friday.

I found a left over ten foot section of closet pole in their basement, and fastened the extension pole with the roller to it with duct tape. It worked amazingly well; not perfect, but good enough.

Women: I assume you have a Honey-dew list for that weekend warrior of yours. That’s my contribution to your husband’s welfare and safety if  he is accident prone when up on a ladder.

Ali thought it was a fabulous idea, having seen Joel do his impression of a swan dive off a ladder while painting the interior last year .

He was only in the hospital a few hours that day.


We stopped at the cemetary on the way home and said hi to Pop and my Nanny and Grandpa.

One of Pop’s favorite jokes was about “Italian window washers”. We can substitute “painters” rather than window washers to maintain the theme. Feel free to change “Italian'” and criticize Blacks, Hispanics, French, Irish… (well Rory won the US Open at 23 years old… lets give them a day off).

I am part italian, so it lessons the burden on me when I tell it this way.

Pop would say: “Because they have to dig a hole for the ladder.”

Common sense rules the world, because there is so little of it.


“The map is not the territory.” A map is simply an explanation of certain aspects of the territory. While individuals may look at their own lives and interactions in terms of paradigms or maps emerging out of their experience and conditioning, these maps are not the territory. They are a “subjective reality,” only an attempt to describe the territory.

— Steven Covey , The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Be neither a Bull nor a Bear; (or hung up on any one school of thought);  be a seeker of the Truth.


Our Bias todaywas hit bounces… 82 support til broken and expected test today… time for some profit taking if we are right.

Pre-ordained targert short side was 78/77 test on a break… but we felt time was running out EOD so day traders advised to exit by 80 with target 79.75.

[08:44]  E: today we have news mid day
[08:44]  E: we have had 2 vigorous thrusts up
[08:45]  E: and are currently pulling back
[08:45] xxxxxx
[08:45]  E: so keep an eye there as the day progresses
[08:46]  E: 82 break opens the door to 78, 77
[08:47]  E: and be careful not to overtrade
[08:47]  E: 80.25 is a target
[08:52]  E: i think we are going to have chop fest for now

Map One

RT @FibinIt: @eminiwizard very nice Mr. E / what a voice… women add so much culture to our world gn deb  #EMWS

RT @FibinIt: RT @sai_india: @eminiwizard Hey we’re missing you/ ditto /thanks deb chillin with The Voice  #EMWS


[12:06] Janelle _: You really are an exceptional teacher, E; we are very lucky

[15:57] Dean unpektable: say yeah. great call today guys

[16:08] OffShoreman 41: GN, great trading with you guys when i was around. See yall in the morning!!

[16:17] Dean unpektable: THank you all, great stuff today

“No, I am the lucky one to be surrounded by a terrific team of people.”

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