Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The U.S. is Open…and so are the Markets


God Bless America, home of the brave, land of the Free.

Oops… are we really free?


All this debt and everything

Freedom of opportunity certainly… to choose wisely or not so wisely.

With Friendships, discipline, habits, how we will invest our time.


Premarket resistance came in the expected battle zone, and we suggested to members yesterday expect 53.5 was destined to  tested overnight.

08:36 E: market may surprise a few shorts today 52 support if u want the buy side 08:46 E: bias should be long, not short #EMWS

I cannot say thank you enough to traders who do not take my posts for granted.

@Traderturkey : @eminiwizard You are, hands down one of the finest traders I know. #emws

@Fibnit:  RT @traderturkey: @eminiwizard You are, hands down one of the finest traders I know. #emws

@Tex Trader RT @eminiwizard: 14:39 E: support target is 52 #EMWS Shoulda listened to the man! He know’s his stuff.

:) my pleasure to help teach a little where I can


A new member signed up today… achieving nice balance in the room…

Trader J came in saw what we were doing…and she  joined

Told friend Trader K, she joined after seeing us for a day.

Trader J now has a month free tuition… fair for everyone.


while theta burning here is funny one ….  #EMWS

any volunteers or ideas?  #EMWS


RT @RenaTrader: want to make a week? US$ 5,000? trade 20 cars Just follow the rules. Done for the week $$/ what account size needed? #EMWS

RT @eminiwizard: trade 20 cars / what account size needed? #EMWS For 20 cars minimum 200K, may start small, and grow little by little tho.

I knew Rena would be fair and answer that question with all due respect for leverage.

He is no snake oil salesman.


We ran a poll: What minimum account balance suggested? choices were

  • $10,ooo
  • 10 to 50k
  • 100 to 200k
  • 200k+

Most agreed the minimum 100 to 200k. I said 200 is better, but 100 to 200 is reasonable.

Start small, handle small size first.

Leverage is a double edged sword… it cuts both ways.

We all agreed that someone who used 10K for this type of trading… may get lucky the first few trades…but eventually the law of large numbers would catch up and destroy anyone who enjoyed a  “ Beginner’s Lucky streak.”


Trader J said she wished she could take my brain and put a transfusion into her head.

I reminder her to be careful what she wished for.

“Lie down on a couch next to me and they can hook us up with wires…Open your mind, and it will only take about 18 to 20 years to make some progress”.


Wall St : Money never Sleeps

“The mother of all Evil is speculation” – Gordon Gekko

” I learned in jail is that money is not the prime asset in life,  time is.” – Gordon Gekko 

“Not knowing what your are doing is fatal.” – Bretton James







The fortunes of war, as in trading and life, are forever changing.

15:05  E: “accumulate capital, accumulate knowledge”

And respect the focus of a shark


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