Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Treasure Chest

Chart Patterns

How can we win in this difficult game called trading?


Our true treasure is a combination of our capital, ideas, courage, and risk management skills.

Don’t forget teamwork.

I show readers our thoughts to help some educate themselves the slow, conservative process of the daily struggle to improve ourselves. Not because we want to “prove” our way is better; but rather to show that there are many ways to play this game.

As importantly, this “journal” helps me clarify my thinking, and makes me justify trade logic and risk/reward concepts.

08:10  E: the low is impossible to short

Beating our chests in self- admiration and with a lack of humility is silly, but so is playing with a lack of confidence.

Better to not play at all with those extremes of emotion.

Confidence, tempered with humility” as one of my coaches put it.


11:13  Zeek411: does this system work???
11:13  Zeek411: you bet it does


Jeffrey Lin : RT @eminiwizard: t1 w hit 9.88   #EMWS $ES_F

JL : RT @eminiwizard: Find the rhythm  #EMWS << tried to find a “Cool runnings” movie clip with the slogan “feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme” but couldnt find it

@eradke thanks for rt of chart in play … this one’s for you  #EMWS

Eli : @eminiwizard what there is a song with my name, ha ha. Have a good one E

Fibinit : RT @eminiwizard: The sun aint gonna shine anymore … walker bros…   #EMWS

nite Mr.E @eminiwizard listening to Kickin’ With Youby Jason Mraz on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying #musicmonday

Post from last Tues nite. Next day the high was put in. My sniff sensors were going off…LOL #EMWS RT @Maven__: Things are feeling fishy up here…I smell a rat. I am still not a believer yet of Bullish activity in stock indices.

@Maven__ sniff sniff

RT @eminiwizard: update cip #EMWS

RT @JeffreyLin: RT @e Find the rhythm #EMWS << tried to find a “Cool runnings” movie / ty jeff cool one here

RT @FibinIt: @eminiwizard good morning Mr. E, may the sun shine on you today :-) /and u as well debbie

E: 08:24 E: keep eye on the 14 to 15 08:45 E: we should test 08 #EMWS

08:46 E: target is 08 then the 4.75 05 10:11 E: 5.5 is key target #EMWS

We’re now down to the area where Bulls were pounding their chest saying we were making new year highs. #EMWS

@Maven__ We’re now down to the area where Bulls were pounding their chest  #EMWS

M : @eminiwizard LOL #EMWS

RT @midget_666: RT @midget_666 $ES_F If it gets above 1309.50 it may run to 1314 / nice call #EMWS

tiny1: @eminiwizard Tks bro :)

E: 13:25 E: afternoon test should test the angel 13:48 E: 13.5 demon 14:34 E: shorts need to defend 14 15:22 E: say yeeha at 08 #EMWS

CG : RT @Maven__: Post from last Tues nite. Next day the high was put in. Yes, I knew what was in that box. :) #EMWS

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