Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Turkey Soup Day

Risk and Reward

Well, I built me a raft, and she’s ready for floatin…

‘Ol Mississippi, she’s calling my name…


“Today is stolen range day.” Avoid trouble.

E: [08:33] E: stolen range day [08:51] E: shorts will probably be better off waiting for the generals to show up later

Easy to see on page 72 of the Criminal Handbook, as the crooks and con men have the turkey’s with their heads cut off running around the barn yard.


“Forget the noise on Twitter”. The ego maniacs will have us believe they bought 1150 on Friday, did not take their stop outs when the market plunged late day, and now miraculously endured the pain and suffering over a long Holiday weekend and made fabulous profits.”

Just focus on our trading and find a few hit and run trades. Expect range trading. Don’t get frustrated by those ideas.

Risk reward says better to try scalps short, especially if we get new highs that stop out the early and aggressive shorts.

PEK: Boyz love 1185. Amazed how often that works, I learned it from the best E, you and Zeek. Great call in room with 97 resis this am. #EMWS

Bias is trend up day, and pullbacks will be bought. Remember that shorts are contras today, thanks to the Boyz and the usual tricks of the crooks and con men.

Half gap at 71.5: fuggedaboutit.


Catfish are jumpin’

and that paddle wheel thumpin’


[11:02]  Zeek411: Fish shooting back today

[11:02]  E: flying fish


Aggressive longs if you want it, 87 area is probably a good buy at the open, but typically I prefer to let the IB range play out, then look for scalps short. “It’s against my religion to buy this open.”

Be off by 89 advised this morning and at lunch.

[12:31] E: off by 89 is smart trailers only beyond #EMWS


Late day, be off by 82 suggested.

[12:48]  E: the only way shorts win today is break 82

[12:48]  E: i dont forsee that

[12:49]  E: this is contra in a trend day

[12:49]  E: as expected

[13:17]  E: i think HOD is in

[15:07] E: capture by the 82 is smart #EMWS


Multiple reasons given why, and explained to our members.

[15:16]  E: rain at 83

[15:16]  E: out all but trailer

[15:16]  E: trailers are on a wing and a prayer

Understanding the Angel forming in that neighborhood could get wings…comes from years of observation, rather than anything else.

Tunnel vision with night glasses gives us better perspective and provides context.

“Con Text” may be a better way to put it.


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday with the three #FF’s : family, food, and fun.

[13:08]  E: turtles buying the IB high bo stuck neck out

[13:09]  E: and now in oops turtle soup

Aggressive traders on both sides  found themselves in hot water… a perfect recipe for leftovers and Turkey Soup.





@FlowTraderES @Jediphone @QQQQInvestment @TraderMD @unpektable Thanks all for your posts on #EMWS today


Gonna make everything pretty mama,

Gonna make everything all right

And I ain’t got no worries…

‘Cause I ain’t in no hurry at all….

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