Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Visionary Eyes

Head Fakes

The Illusionary Trader lacks perspective.


Spellbound by our favorite indicators, wave counts, quants with their math, and most of us with subjective patterns, we are all eager to share our vision of every little wiggle of the day.

Kudos to those who can do that successfully and type their++ results within a nano second of completion.

Too daunting a task for me.

Apologies to all, I am just not in that league, and don’t aspire to be.

I hope that my commentary, however, helps you gain better insights into your own style of trading. Comparing perspective viewpoints allows us to see things that we may have missed, whether our computer is right side up or sitting on it’s side.


“In the land of the blind, the one -eyed man would be King.” – Kurt Vonnegut


Thanks to all who support The Emini wizard system.

SE1_CM: @eminiwizard oh, wow!! thank you very much E. I feel very humbled and wish you a wonderful weekend :-)

SE1_CM, Many times you are kind enough to #FF me, along with several other traders whom I respect.

I am not above saying thanks to you, and wish I could spend more time thanking all those traders like you who respect my work. If I don’t acknowledge your post, it is because I didn’t see it, not because I don’t care.


The half gap trade is powerful, and almost every day I like to see it get filled. It won’t, but it happens often enough to be a valuable idea. Carter and Senters, well done.

Sometimes, like today, I prefer the trap door trade that I learned from trading great Kevin Haggerty.

Our trader’s GPS helps us navigate the flow of traffic, and although it is not perfect, it normally will get us in the right neighborhood.


My system is a hybrid; an assortment of ideas captured from studying the markets and great traders for twenty years. I continue to study; it is a lifelong process. We have never “arrived”.

Dave Landry helped me understand the power of the bowties and reversals. Cease to be wrong and join the winning team.

Over sold over bought? Stan Moore, and the General, thank you very much.

Center of Gravity and the head of the snake? My observations during a lifetime being around athletics.

So too the Gridiron plays.


I try to share a few key ideas on twitter , but reserve my very best work for members only.

Speaking of members, welcome aboard Steve from Chicago, one of da Boyz.


Seeing through the illusions in the market takes time and hard work. It usually is no more than educated guessing; at least that’s the way it seems to me.


Why pullback this morning?

Balance. Failure to break 60. A score of other ideas.


I try not to let my bias interfere with our trader’s decisions. A few of our traders liked long this morning. I was clear the short side had my focus. When we got through several layers of the onion, the chump change trade on the minor IB break may have caught a few turtles. We abruptly assumed that risk and reward dynamics were changing rapidly, and recommended shorts as scalps only against the lunch bounce. When the 43 got beat, the half gap long way home trade was clearly in play.

Shorts were advised to be conservative, and peelers out from 47 to the 43 magnet.

Sidelines for the close was our advice.

When in doubt, go sidelines and think. Then react. That was also our warning this morning on the news spike.


Seeing the future takes visionary sight.

“If you lack vision and you lack a dream, you’re just going to get pushed around by the winds. – Barry Zito,  GQ Magazine  , AUGUST 2011






Keep thine eye single…


These eyes watched you bring my world to an end.

This heart could not accept and pretend…

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