Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Walking in the Rain

Chart patterns

Today’s pace was slow, methodical, relentless.


On the Friday night call, no doubt 91 test was destined.

My belief was support target at 90.25 needed testing. I was acutely aware I could be wrong… and told members, especially our latest two… be conservative.


The rhythm played out well today…with the bounces for hitting until proven otherwise. We had a poll to compare what traders were seeing, and most agreed on the negative sentiment. At 7:39 a.m I posted Maven my step by step targets in a DM, and all but one was hit, with the last one falling short by 1 point.

Not bad for gov’t work.

To quote one of our new traders:” This is all very logical“.

Agreed, that’s where we diverge from government work. :)


Some nice interaction with long time internet friend Flow trader. He is becoming more confident and vocal, and worth a follow, in my opinion. #FF

I always forget someone like Dave when I do the #FF drill… but try to remember as many as I can.

Nothing worse than being so big-headed that we can’t take time to say thanks or promote other smart traders.

I know how others feel when slighted; I determined to give some very smart traders their due respect; then when repeatedly they ignore my posts… I just moved on.

Can’t force it… “Find kindred spirits and help those who want to help each other grow as professionals”.

I say “thank you“…not because I have to, but because it defines who I am.


At my age I can say dumb things and people just attribute it to the ramblings of senility.

Eli noticed. He has a great sense of humor.. Forgot him too. #FF

You may want to exercise more caution.


Just a monkey here throwing darts, can’t think of everything.


Walking step by step, in the Rain.


Kudos to eminiplayer with 10,000 views.

Transparency all the rage… although as Naked runner and I have discussed before… Too much information is not necessarily a good thing.

Lol writing the blog…and this post just up.

Evidently Flow Trader agrees: Just got an email like this “Know where the S&P 500 will go – 80% Accurate” – if you know where it’s going why the $%$% are you telling me?


Twitter unusually quiet.

I may disappear a few days… I will focus on getting new members up to speed.


River One

River Two

River Three


I admire your confidence in re-inventing the wheel…

Only took me 18 years to do it…

Slow learner here, and …

…humble student of Angels and Demons.

Now I’m just going to take a walk about…

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