Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Waterline Meets it’s Waterloo

The System

The Hunters became the Hunted, as we had a suspicion they might.

The Hammer is a powerful tool, unless it’s thrown underwater.

Rapid thinking required today.


New member Wayne joined us in the room today, Welcome. He is smarter than most…his whole membership was recouped in one day if he took our calls.  I was in the zone and found the right rhythm. Had a lot of help from the team as usual, and JG , CG, Zeek added great insights to #EMWS.


Everyday, we put our ideas out there subject to scrutiny. Not just the trade idea but the “why”.


The system nailed the zones today while most TV commentators were content to blather about Pomo this and we are oversold that. Not sure, I never have TV on.


Lest you think I am being critical of anyone, may I remind you I am not. All I am saying is follow a few simple rules, and try to follow them the best we can.


The tape was dangerous this morning, and we advised caution the first minutes. Once we got the read on trapped longs, we trend traded all day long with the exception of the lunch bounce.

Team E: way to work together.

Rain. No finer way to print money other than using Ben’s system.

Out of the gate. The Bear jumps… be aggressive if you want it. 42 resistance.

Pre market, we already had the idea that the 64.25 high rejected the notion that we were going to run with the bulls.


The waterfall  is welcome relief on a hot summer day.












Almost forgot : Happy Birthday Mr President.

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