Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Willie or Wont E

Chart Patterns

Market’s are manipulated…

…or is that an oversimplification?


One way Elevator days are easy to see in hindsight, but hard to understand as a trader.


If you were in our member chat room yesterday, you would have heard our discussion about gentle men’s agreements.

Here was our member poll today:

How can we best understand today’s action?

  • Manipulated
  • Related to Rollover
  • Pass around the cigars please
  • 21 support was found


My posts and blogs will be slowing down now that we are approaching the Holidays. I need time to visit with friends and family, and enjoy the season.








Deeper charts help tell a story

Half gap assumed as support

Trap and squeeze those who couldn’t turn their mind around in mirror day

Angels are flying, … ’tis the season


And now some elevator music please…

As we wait and wonder whether Santa will remember if we were naughty or nice this year…


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