Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


Head Fakes

Morning hustle was skin it back to test the gap and overnight low, and the 28.75.

8:09 E: daily chart ahead of ourselves

8:09 E: matd done already … 36 resistance for gap

10:02 E: 28.75 maybe ovn low 29.5


I left at noon with my wife and had an expensive lunch today. Burger, fries, and a beer, but missed the fun at the office.

We can always get more money, but we can’t get more time.

The FOMC pop took us to the prescribed resistance zone, and faded all the way back to our support. This was the chart I left for the team to stay focused as it usually speaks the truth.

8:09 E: deal with 26/38

You have your system, I have mine.

I know why those boundaries were logical.


Hope team E was able to play it for a few more shekels.


For calling birds…

Not much to say, other than Rollover tomorrow, work to do.


@eminiwizard HAPPY BIRTHDAY E! Wishing you many happy&healthy years.You are a true gentleman-an honor and privilege having you as a mentor.

Thanks Pek.


On the twelfth day of Christmas…

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