Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Ace is Wild

Entries and Exits

What happens in the Private show stays right here.


Actually, we share much more than we have to, it helps us be better traders, so we continue studying and sharing.


[08:21]  E: xxx 42 becoming pivotal

[08:45]  E: 42.25 magnet is hit

[08:46]  E: lock up some gold

We had a discussion about why 42 was important. We came up with about 6 + reasons.

[09:01]  E: so the more ideas in one place

[09:01]  E: the more important it becomes

[09:02]  E: because more traders will see “something”

Like the Criminal Handbook says: Con Fluence.


[09:49]  E: door wont open lower until 42 breaks

[09:50]  E: 3 min chart

Missed is missed.


We thought two way trading would prevail today. We were partially right, but only after the longs sliced and diced aggressive shorts until our completion targets were hit.


[11:18]  Zeek411: E is always on the money

Then this is the gold nugget worth sharing:

[11:48]  E: “avoid revenge trading”

[13:33]  E: self deception the worst kind of deceit


If I took you home

It’d be a home run


Ace may be wild , but we are not.

Kudos to all the longs today who front ran the FOMC and made it look easy.


We had the analysis right, but missed entry long side, leaving us the wall flowers at the party.

We liked entry in the 42’s, during rth, after the first scalp pre market hit the 42.25.

The market adopted the 3 minute chart, and that was a bit frustrating, but it happens.

The chase trade was not advised, during lunch. We felt the trailers for aggressive longs or disciplined traders allowed for the high odds target at 56 to 57 to be stalked.

Contras were suggested for conservative traders based on time and price. Re entry for late day shorts, especially if we were prepared to try for the high odds 49 target.

Sometimes that’s all that is left to do, rather than get emotional and all steamed up.


I might lose it

Blast to the roof,

that’s how we do’z it…


This is a long term party, and knowing the rhythm helped us find a few logical trades that made sense.

[13:50]  E: 58 as resistance scalp

Original premise was stop run shorts, then longs. That idea played out, but truthfully it was a reasonable day for both sides as usual.

Losers were those who partied too long and with too many short shorts.


Hey I heard you like the wild ones



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Running with wolves

and I’m on the prowl

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