Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Ain’t it Funny…

The System


Ain’t it funny…

How the night moves


Throughout the course of the day, there are usually a few good trades. If we focus on finding them, trading is a lot easier.

Not easy, mind you, but easier.


Out in the back seat of my 60 Chevy…

and we’d steal away every chance we could…


Some days we will be right as Rain; others we act like the village idiot.

Most days its a combination of the two.

Today we were lucky enough to “guess” the rhythm correctly.

Shrinkin’ my head right now before I think I am smarter than the market.


tryin’ to lose the awkward teenage blues…


Price, Pattern, Timing, Psychology, Anticipating and Reacting. All important, and help us to determine risk and reward.

@McTweet : @eminiwizard think we can break out the umbrellas one of these days?     I doubt it…


Workin’ on our night moves

Workin’ on mysteries without any clues


Started hummi’ a tune from 1962…

…ain’t it funny…

…when you just don’t seem to have as much to lose…

strange to see how the night moves…


It’s options expiration, and we need to expect the unexpected, especially after this long run we have had.


with autumn closing in…

[15:31]  E: shorts that last point or so will git u

[15:31]  E: plan came together

[15:31]  E: biggie


I remember I remember I remember…

…workin and practicin’ the night moves…


yeah yeah yeah


I remember, Lord I remember…


oooohhhh  o  yaaa ey a yay




I think it’s best to let the charts tell the story for our archives. We had tons of lessons today, and newbies were treated to a PPT drive in the last hour.

TRUST NOTHING was put in front of our traders early, as we expected this nonsense.

[08:09] E: i trust nothing this week
[08:09] E: tops take time
[08:09] E: i expect head fakes
[08:09] Lindy C: Happ V Day to all!
[08:09] E: i expect nonsense from the boyz
[08:10] E: that way i am never disappointed
[08:10] A. D: hear u and ty E
[08:10] E: 1 hr of lets get to 52
[08:11] E: 4 15 minute bars


This business is not just about HVN and CLVN or VPOC or my magnets or whatever; it is about seeing relationships and understanding when and where we are most vulnerable to greed and fear.


“We cannot avoid the one great Law of Focus”-Sterling Sill

Want to be a professional trader? Don’t dilute our discipline by chasing multiple activities.

The market is a jealous lover, and will not tolerate another mistress.





@vkligys @mctweet770 @FibinIt @jotuk6771 @eminiplayer @QQQQInvestment Thanks all for posts on #EMWS today


Happy Valentine’s Day

[08:58] E: i would love to think that 52 is for 39 and then 38 is for 48 is for 58

Just a village idiot here… content to be a humble student of the market


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